June 06, 2009

Rolling with the Punches in Fiji

Fiji Australians and their “Fiji Democracy Movement”, after a successful protest march in Sydney raise the political pitch up a notch in Canberra.

Radio Australia’s “Tok Pisin” broadcast in pidgin also relayed the Canberra protest news which will obviously hold the attention of fellow Melanesian's in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile sympathizers in Aotearoa are gearing up to lend support to the political situation here.

The 2 Samoa’s boxing match also continues with Samoan Forum Sec Chief Neroni Slade making the point's about Fiji again at a recent meeting where Fiji's attendance was not sought, while Slade's "wantok" the American Samoan Congressman Eni Faleomavaega continues to thumb his nose at his own umm “chiefdom” to support Frank by creating more Pacific-centric antagonism between the USA and China. This sparring round leaves no room for guesses as to who’s the real Mickey Mouse in that corner of the world.

Back on the military ruled home-front the gloves are still on between Bainimarama and the Methodist Church while indications are strong that the treasonous Public Emergency aka “Citizens Control” regulations will be extended.

We have no doubt that the bold and liberty-loving among our 4th estater’s will think of some novel “ducking and weaving” methods to effectively make their points known. Leweni’s “sorry you’ll be dealt with” warnings are true to his IQ-deplete form—he’s just granted an opportunity for more external 4th estater’s attending this meeting, to help “one side” the regime. DUH.

Fiji’s superannuation fund, FNPF and it’s not-happening-any-more investment into the Momi Bay Resort will undoubtedly trigger another cross-continent boxing challenge.


Semi Meo said...

The Canberra Chapter, and of course the International HQ of the fijidemocracynow2009 must be highly commended for being the only organized and united Fiji constituent in opposition to the present Fiji Regime. All others are just blog shots in cyber sphere, and sparsely distributed domestic taunts muffled by the tyranny of the “shut your face” Decree.

In the absence of Parliamentary democracy and a credible Judiciary no checking system whatsoever is afforded to us Fiji Citizens for redress or scrutinize, not only the legal essence of the existence of this regime, but also all and every Decree cookies churned out from the Government Printing oven that regimentally dictators when we breath, breed, sing, sleep, meet or when our rights may be minced into smithereens.

Hence, these organized acts of bravery by the fijidemocracynow2009, while facing the elements of the southern winter compounded by the mocking or critical gazes of skeptics or may be even cowards; the marches acts of bravery are symbols of enormous hope to all our relatives under Fiji’s Tyrannical rule.

Reluctance by some sections of the Expatriate Fiji Community to join the march may be understandable. Being part of the freedom marches and probable appearance of ones face in photos and subsequently the press should not be grounds for fear at all. For to fear thus or to fear by other “justifiable” excuses is a blatant abuse of the very liberty enjoyed in western democracy; the liberty craved by our Fiji relatives.

False hope by some sections of Fiji community that this Dictator may Decree favourably towards a particular ethnic group or groups is an insult to the very intelligence and integrity of those who may be blinded to place their hope in a Dictator. A Dictator whose” conscience is sheared beyond repentance”.

Our relatives in Fiji, though plural in their views of the situation, similar to the plurality of our views, looks to the expatriate Fiji Citizens and former residents as probably their only source of hope for an equitable resolve and represent of their blight to those who may listen and help.

From the makeshift homes in Fiji squatter settlements, the hearts cries out. In the privacy of village kitchen dinner mat, the family cries out. The dark corners of dormitories in a boarding school, our future leaders hearts cry out. The bedrooms of housing estate, the couples cry out. Standing beside half empty tills, the market vendors, business men or women, taxi drivers cries out. The rural nurse beside an empty supplies cupboard, her heart cries out. Climbing up the steps of the bus with 5 cents short, the traveler cries out. Once proud hard and working employees dumped for been born on the wrong year, now grieves silently. Our son’s blood spilt from Police brutality, that also cries out.

If those cries have not touched our hearts on they way to Heaven, then we are no better then those whose ”conscience are sheared”. Why not we “walk the talk”, for this may be our finest walk as we proudly cradle and cherish in our hearts the cries of those we love dearly!!

“..for such a time as this…”

Anonymous said...

We all know why Bainimarama is doing this, it just goes to show how much of a coward he really is.
With his mentality of "if I go down the nation will go down with me".

Anonymous said...

well written as always.
what can we say about the Methodist Church v Bainimarama et al saga. Heard Rev Yabaki on air Fijian Radio program in Aotearoa last night & he had quite a bit to say about VB. Interesting, Rev Yabaki commented, VB has been noted to have contradicted himself to often lately!!

It just goes to show, one who creates fear will always live in fear. He must go!!