June 29, 2009

Same Old, Same Old

Even when our blogging pauses momentarily, the bullshit and the pretense from the illegal military regime does not.

Naval officer turned overnight fisheries specialist and now acting boot-licker in chief to Bainimarama, Commander Viliame Naupoto, now chairs the Fiji Investment Board after the previous military appointed management "could not get along".

The military appointed board of the superannuation arm, FNPF, has also undergone a board appointment overhaul with many of the FLP stalwarts being let out to pasture. It will be interesting to see whether this FLP clean-out from their boards are translated across all statutory entities.

The military cabinet also recently passed some illegal changes to board remuneration and benefits.

One commercial bank has stated its intent to pull its business out of Coup x 5 land.

And just when everything about Bainimarama's ideals for the future aka New Legal Order, A New Day, Clean Up, Race-Free etc etc -- he announces the soon to be unveiled an ADDITIONAL roadmap focussing on Fiji’s “strategic framework for change”.

Unlike Barack Obama, while Bainimarama continues to hurl out every "change related" adjective or noun possible, it has thus far proven to be empty, expensive rhetoric simply because the military regime's legal foundations are all wrong.


Anonymous said...

No cash, no hope, and no bloody wonder!

Anonymous said...

Check ,the roadmap should be re-named, "the strategic framework for change towards chaos, poverty and illegality"

Anonymous said...

No matter the colour you paint the boat,
if it doesn't float - it doesn't float!!

Anonymous said...

Doomed, doomed, doomed...Banana-man & his cronies have one thing in common, they are a bunch of 'nit-wits'!!