June 02, 2009

Two Samoa's Lock Horns Over Fiji

Visiting American Samoan Congressman Eni Faleomavaega releases Opinion pieces in the media, urging Australia and New Zealand to do better by Fiji. Meanwhile he is in the country holding talks with the military junta and subsequently having dinner with Mr & Mrs Bainimarama at Tiko's Restaurant last night.

His cousins in mainland Samoa however do their own thing to show their displeasure.

One country, one dictator, many fractures within the region. We don't need the Chinese to cause regional instability -- We've got Frank!


FijianBlack said...

Mainland is right!!!! This guy actually has the nerve to support the idiot leading our country now, and actually is deluded enough to think we actually care about his opinion....for once, I am glad there are censors in place, at least it stopped this crap from getting out.

Anonymous said...

This guy must be paid by Voreqe to lobby for him. All the free trips, dinner , booze and women.

Maybe the FBI should invetigate this guy to see if he is on the take to fill his own pockets.

Why else would someone support a dictator who has blood on his hands.

This guy has not spoken to the real leaders who have the majority support.

Frank and his guns will be silenced forever because God is more powerful than he ever imagined.

Anonymous said...


Who is this guy anyway? He would know as much about the situation in Fiji as my Dog and he is only happy when he is being fed. Therein lies the resemblance.

Mr Hunkin or whoevr you are, come and talk to ordinary Fijians before you take it on yourself to know what is good for us.

You are supposed to stand up for Democracy man. Now you want to support an unelected fool??? Good Grief...