July 28, 2009

Breaking: What Bainimarama is stealing from our mouths

We've been hand-wringing, wailing, gnashing our teeth about the first-class daylight robbery that is happening with our acquiesence but as always the proof is in the pudding. So here's the proof.

You have, since 4th September 2007, been paying for an illegal and treasonous coupster but you should know now how much he's been raking in (it could be more now that he holds more portfolio's) and laughing all the way to the bank while he's at it.

What's more we can add Aiyaz, the soon-to-retire Rupeni Nacewa and Iloilo Uluivuda to the mix of "aiding the abetting" the thievery...check out their hand-written notes to each other on the last page. Even the shakey hand-written scrawl of Uluivuda is nicely captured.

All the while innocent civil servants and taxpayers are being made redundant or are kicked out of jobs they swot hard for AND suffering under an illegal devaluation.

Click on each image for a better view.


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Anonymous said...

Was this dated before or after he took his infamous "backdated leave"?

Could help explain the huge quantum they finally arrived at for that.

Interesting that this was re-jigged before his old contract even ran out. Now that he has a new one, and the there is really no Constitution over-arching everything to keep a lid on things, his current rate could be anything now.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama really needs to be investigated & castrated as well!!

Anonymous said...

That's all he gets? We really need to pay our leaders more. Poor Mr. Qarase had to put up with a similar pittance.