July 29, 2009

Deception & Treachery within the ranks of the Media

Well no wonder our media aren't very successful with the unjust gagging by the illegal and treasonous military regime!

One would THINK that as a bloc of professionals, media freedom would be the common rallying call but NO. It appears that PINA wants to "dialogue"! How can they dialogue when their lips are being bent into words that portray the military regime in a positive light.

Radio NZ's news story on PINA's shameful deception and treachery speaks volumes.

PINA should hang their heads in shame. What's more they can now count on We The People to vote them out of business with our pockets.

They simply cannot be trusted give us the fair, impartial news that we deserve.

Update: We have been advised that the PINA Training Manager is Matai Akaoula. Akaoula also runs the PINA office in Suva.

Akaoula is the main instigator of this soft approach towards the military. His son is an officer with the military.

We are also informed that both Akaoula and PINA journalist Makereta Komai have conducted workshops on media training with military officers, yet they continue to be gagged.

The PINA Office, as is being moved by many regional journo's, must move out of Fiji if it is to remain impartial.

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Anonymous said...

What can you say, one's a wanker & the other a bitch. It reeks of corruptive backroom deals that goes on in Fiji. These are the type of people that brings more shame on Fiji's reputation.