July 16, 2009

Take a Bow Bainimarama...

Even if blogs are giving you pains in your posterior, without our help AGAIN, you and your lot have successfully managed to round up more unnecessary attention with the latest "sorcery" allegations.

Perhaps your people don't know what living in an "discrimation free" Fiji, as per your visionary spew, means.

In one day the international media have been reminded AGAIN about the gross illegal & treasonous incompetence that is your leadership. Check it:

Not only have you landed your wantok Somare again in unnecessary hot water for inconsistency, you have managed to splinter the Pacific once again.

Somare sure is a patient man letting you run riot all over Melanesia. His allegiance (or insistent memory jogging of allegiance by certain individuals) for Rt Mara must know no bounds.

Thank goodness people like Samoan PM Tuilaepa are not going to back down any time soon.

And on that note neither will We The People.

Keep your foolywang stunts up. It really is valuable "round the tanoa" entertainment during these troubled times.


ex Fiji tourist said...

This certainly proves what a joke the 'police farce' has become in Fiji under the rudderless leadership of 'teletubby'.

What a shame that none of the jaundiced junta has ever given anything to the community via Rotary, Lions, Apex, Masons, Red Cross, etc.

Perhaps then, they may have some small inkling of understanding of how these clubs work.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm it does reek of 'qito mapolo' thats for sure. This is creating embarrassment for such a small Nation who is just a dot in the Pacific.

Bainimarama's brain needs to be examined? He is loosing the plot big time!!!