August 19, 2009

FEA to hike bills by 15% by September

Fiji TV relayed the news last night that the Commerce Commission has granted the Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) full access to rob consumers blind by 15% with effect from next month.

If memory serves us correctly, the FEA has been angling for monopoly induced hand-outs from consumers for a while now and the initial tariff increase was proposed earlier because of global oil price hikes. As all consumers are aware these prices have since stabilised and in fact decreased.

Business houses who don't fit the $50/month bill exemption, will undoubtedly be up in arms about this one.

If that's not enough, the Commerce Commission overextend's its reach by laying down the law that it will, in 2011, oversee how far the FEA has gone to reduce its operating cost's.

Any right thinking person would immediately ask the question -- is that not the job of the board? If so, then what in the blazes is the board doing twiddling it's thumbs while Rome burns?
FEA 15% tarriff rise approved
18 Aug 2009 02:53:29

The Commerce Commission has today approved Fiji Electricity' Authority's submission to increase tarriff charges by 15 percent.

This is an interim increase effective from September 1st to 31st August, 2011.

Those who pay 50 dollars or less for electricity usage won't be charged the new tariff rate.

In its decision today - the Commission noted F-E-A generated 60 percent of electricity through hydro and up to 45 percent from diesel.

The Commission didn't grant FEA's request for a permanent increase.

The company is now required to provide the Commission a report in 2011 on steps it has taken to reduce operating costs.

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