November 10, 2009

Injustice Gates: Sprung and Sprung Again

No matter how Injustice Gates tries to spin it, the fact of the matter is that he has been caught with his paws in the cookie jar and his pants down.

Yesterday an article in the Australian illustrates that the paper had their hands on a series of leaked Govt memo's originating from Injustice Gates to Bainimarama -- clearly highlighting how expanded the role of the illegal Chief Justice has been expanded as per his "independent and impartial" hallucinations. The evidence also ropes in a co-conspirator, the illegal Permament Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Solo Mara.

According to the Australian article, the Illegal and Interim Military Regime's attempts at the cloak and dagger stuff via an "alleged illicit recording" leaked through their favourite broadcast and taxpayer funded outlet, Radio Fiji, "contains no reference to a visa application being rejected" and that "the recording makes it clear the conversation took place after the judge concerned had withdrawn an application for an Australian transit visa and had decided instead to fly to Fiji via Korea". In fact Injustice Gates' memo relayed a total untruth whereby "one of the Sri Lankans had taped a telephone conversation with an Australian visa officer in Colombo "in which the officer clearly said the visa was declined".

To our utter misfortunate this is the calibre of our illegally acquired Sri Lankan wigged one's who our people will depend on to dish out justice.

Today's radio interview on Radio Australia makes the link to just how impartial Injustice Gates was in advising Bainimarama as per his memo:
EXTRACT FROM MEMO FROM ANTHONY GATES: I have already said the judiciary cannot expect help from any quarter, that is the nature of our independent role. However, from a political point of view, can the executive allow such interference to continue?
It is safe to assume that Injustice Gates will never find gainful legal employment outside of Fiji, after this most telling saga.

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