November 03, 2009

Labour Mafia & Military Regime Are Still As Thick As Thieves

In case you believed for a minute all the lies from Mahendra Chaudhry about the FLP turning a new leaf, it's a cover up.

And their most refined attack on fellow blogsters coup4.5 with this one is a case in point.

But today they show their hand.

Dr Ganesh Chand, a staunch Labour supporter is announced as head of the new National University of Fiji which amalgamates the Fiji School of Agriculture, Fiji College of Advanced Education, Lautoka Teachers College, Fiji School of Nursing, Fiji School of Medicine and Fiji Institute of Technology.

Under Chand's current leadership the Fiji Institute of Technology is already bursting at the seams with students who resort to eating lunch mixed with car exhaust fumes on the main roads leading to Edinburgh Drive. If that is what Chand deem's as quality education, we can express only horror at the "other" aspects of quality education this new Uni will churn out.

Let's also not forget that we already have 2 other universities running in this country -- the University of the South Pacific and the University of Fiji -- all of which depend on resources from the military government.

The University of Fiji is in itself an institution with strong Labour links and even closer ties to the current illegal Minister for Education, Filipe Bole.

We had predicted in February this year that something was amiss in the higher education sector and we also alluded that the USP may well become a whipping boy for retaliating against the Pacific region.

We will continue to watch these developments very closely.

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