December 02, 2009

The Real Budget Analysis

If ever there was a time when truth to power needed to be spoken, it was during the recent illegal budget announcement.

Unfortunately no one holds a candle to Prof Wadan Narsey and his bold analysis of the true budget story.

Prof Narsey's verdict is available on both Coup 4.5 and RFN and is a Must Read.

Local accounting firms have apparently also made public their various analyses on the budget, namely: G.Lal & Co; Ernst & Young; KPMG and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Interestingly we do find it most interesting that the regime's "pliant handmaiden" the illegal Reserve Bank chief, Sada Reddy has lashed out at "some" accounting firms stating that they were:
"giving false information on the economy, which is deterring potential investors."
Just like everything this illegal regime does, they fail to recognize the irony in every statement and accusation they make.

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