January 22, 2010

Fiji backs NZ into a corner

Now that Bainimarama and the Government of NZ are "buddy-buddy" again, Bainimarama wastes no time and backs them into a corner to test their sincerity by offering up Neumi Leweni, one of those privy to Bainimarama's inner circle, as a Counsellor.

Any of McCully's earlier diplomatic thoughts about re-establishing sincere relations despite the recent clamp-downs are nothing but a pipe-dream. If he doesn't know that Bainimarama only lives by the "us and them" psyche, he should now.

So while Bainimarama waits, so too does McCully.

But as far as many observers to this latest state of affairs go, Bainimarama will continue to insult NZ for their past transgressions against him. He does it to Qarase. He does it to the Methodists. He does it to the Media. He does it to the People. He does it to anyone who is not on his side. What makes NZ any different?

For Bainimarama's part, gaining access into NZ where his supporters abound (like Radio Tarana their mouthpiece in Aotearoa, the Fiji Club in NZ, the Thakurji etc) is the only way the military regime can regain acceptance in the Pacific Islands Forum region. The military regime can not claim similar support in Australia.

With his NZ cheering squad doing what they can publicly, Bainimarama needs to wake up and smell the coffee. For example, how many of his NZ supporters have actually taken advantage of his dual citizenship policy? How many of them have taken advantage of the current generous investment incentives? Not many we're guessing because putting your money where your mouth is is the surest signal of one's sincerity and motivations.

We will watch and wait in anticipation to see how the John Key's Administration will handle this one.

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