January 25, 2010

The Kadavu Home Brew Club Backs Bainimarama

We knew something was up again when news broke of Bainimarama's sudden trip to Kadavu to "inspect development work" over the weekend.

Today we hear that members of the Bainimarama-proclaimed "Home Brew Set" from Kadavu are now backing the treasonous terrorist to the point that they invite him to illegally continue to hold on to the reigns beyond 2014 if need be.

It's almost as if a scripted speech was prepared by the treasoners circle for these puppet chiefs.

What's most entertaining however is the conveniently bestowed freedom of expression to these selected chiefs (and they were even helped media-circulation wise thanks to FBC), without any heed to the threat to national security that these statements may inflame under the BS Public Emergency Regulations.

However no one is fooled. The bottom line is that these chiefs speak for themselves and they MAY speak for their people but they do not present the views of the rest of the populace.

In their haste to curry favour these chiefs have also conveniently forgotten Bainimarama's "pre-6 dec 2006" insults ordering all chiefs to get together for a Home Brew shindig under the Mango Trees.

As the young 'uns would say - SLACK SARA GA.

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