April 01, 2010

Dixon Seeto welcomes additional carriers to Fiji

Dixon Seeto of Tourism Fiji expresses their welcoming of additional carriers to Fiji highlighting that they want "capacity and frequency".

The Fiji Labour Party however has questioned whether capacity  and frequency is actually translating to more tourism dollars.

Meanwhile Air Pacific get their house in order with the appointment of new Boss, Dave Pflieger.

We wonder if Tourism Fiji has thought about the domestic capacity of the nation to cater for the additional visitors that they so badly desire. 

Already a planned water cut for Nadi tonight may not augur well for newly arrived Jetstar tourists.

Undoubtedly other basic infrastructural amenities such as electricity (especially if it is going to be privatized), roads, medical services etc will also be relied on more heavily.

Here's hoping that at the very least, the Monasavu dam  won't disappoint consumers and tourists alike.

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