April 01, 2010

Erroneous police report raises ire of Biausevu Village

Illegal and treasonous Police Chief Esala Teleni and his chief cheerleader spokesman, Atunaisa Sokoimuri are under the spotlight for releasing an erroneous police report.

Village headman of Biausevu village in Nadroga, Ratu Siriaki Matabogi raised his concerns about media reports based on police reports that identify his village as the location of a recent drug bust.

Matabogi refutes those claims and asserts that the actual scene of the drug bust is in fact a fair distance away from Biausevu village. Ratu Siriaki in turn fears for the reputation of his village because of their reliance on daily tourism activities.

The village headman has requested that the police correct their erroneous report and Sokoimuri has responded to this news promising to clarify and correct their report accordingly.

Watch Fiji TV's news piece about Biausevu village below.

As if that wasn't enough, we can again credit the Police Force for publicising alarmist statements on the 8 year old girl who was recently indecently assaulted and allegedly raped.

Sokoimuri's statement said that the victim had a "brink of death" diagnosis and perhaps contributed to the Ministry of Health unnecessarily firefighting falsely rampant rumours.

From the police website:
Police spokesman Atunaisa Sokoimuri said all schools have the responsibility in ensuring the safety of their students during school hours especially for primary schools.

“These measures should have been in place because it should be the norm, this incident could have been avoided if someone was around school.”

“It is said that such an incident has to happen for schools to realize how vulnerable their students can be if not supervised.”

“But let it be a warning to all out there who cannot control their sexual urges that you will face the wrath of the law under the new Crimes Decree 2009 if found guilty of rape.

The victim was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time as the alleged perpetrator now in Police custody lay in wait in the toilet with the intent to commit the crime.

And if that was not enough, the perpetrator proceeded to beat the helpless young girl to the brink of death. She is on life support now at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital Intensive Care Unit with major injuries to her head.

Whether this was done to silence her or further satisfy an inner social ill or psychotic need remains to be answered. But the question remains how can we prevent something like this from ever happening again?

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