February 21, 2011

Felix Anthony Brutalized by Military

Reports are surfacing that Felix Anthony had his ear drums busted out by military operatives in the Western division last Friday.

It was in relation to a story printed in the Fiji Times concerning Fiji Sugar Corporation maintenance work. Possibly this one verifying the non-maintenance reality.

Felix Anthony was taken to an empty house within the CAAF compound near the military compound. It is understood that one of the key terrorizers is an army operative by the name of ROKOUA.

This is the second time Anthony was taken up for abuse by the military. The first time was in relation to the recent crackdown on anti-Frank dissidents where he was taken for a joyride in the dark to Tavakubu Cemetary.

Anthony was then given Bainimarama's cellular phone contact so that Mr Bainimarama himself can vet what stories are appropriate for public consumption before Felix Anthony releases them.

Also hauled up on this occassion was Fiji Times reporter Felix Chaudhry and sugar NFU Ba's Gaffar Ahmed.

It has also been revealed that there were 2 canefarmers near Ba who have also been abused and forced to harvest their cane. Complaints made by their families to Fiji Police's Atunaisa Sokoimuri were received unsympathetically.

And they weren't the only one's terrorized in the Western Division last weekend.

Business owners in the Western division were invited by the regime to attend the Netball Fiji fundraiser at the Tanoa International and were explicitly instructed to attend with a minimum of FJD$2K donation.

There is also a Fijian gentleman who is an Australian citizen, now attesting to the brutality of the military regime. Read Apisai Tawake's harrowing account below:


goddam said...

hey felix enjoyed your 'consultation' with the army? this is just normal day in the office for you and your friends in the camp. surely there is nothing to worry about between friends over the odd burst eardrum of smashed-in face, is there? your dear close pal vayeshnoi swore on oath that frank b was chosen by god. so feel yourself blessed for getting the side of your face kicked in. for their next act the army will break your arms. what godly blessings you have got. the people of fiji consider you so lucky to be so close with god and his henchmen. halleluyah to the flp god for all the holy beatings. amen, amen,amen.

Keep The Faith said...

Isa Goddam.

Granted that the likes of Felix Anthony, Ben Padarath etc are total bastards and loved to strut it as former cronies of the military regime -- the principal here is once we start pronouncing judgement, therein begins the slippery slide towards the stuff that civil wars are made of.

Regardless of anyone's political affiliations, no one should ever be subjected to human rights violations. We are all blood, bone and tissue underneath all the externals.

Despite the political turmoil we are facing, let us NOT be dragged down to the heinous standards of the military regime and continue to cherish each other's humanity -- it is the only thing we have left since our civil liberties have steadily eroded from December 2006 under Bainimarama.