February 25, 2011

Military Regime attempts to revive Charter

In dangling a carrot to appease the masses, the illegal and treasonous military regime via their pliant mouthpieces, whip out the dead Charter discussion and in an attempt to to revive it, and bundle it as some kind of necessary bottomline for political manifesto's of aspirant political parties.

For your reading pleasure, we link you up to a sound rebuttal of the Charter by Mick Beddoes.
Fiji Charter to guide political manifesto
Friday, February 25, 2011

The Peoples Charter is here to stay and political parties or groups will have to base their manifesto around it says Strategic Framework for Change director – Joeli Besetimoala.

Besetimoala says come 2014 political parties and any elected government will have to align their manifesto to the People’s Charter and continue with the current government’s development corporate plan.

“I believe the political parties will just have to base their manifesto from the Peoples Charter so it will make things much easier for those who would like have political parties because the Charter is there and this document will guide every government in Fiji from this government to future Fiji political parties -so it will be much easier for political parties to come up with a manifesto because the Charter is there to guide them.”

Report by: Sekope Toduadua

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