June 29, 2011

Bainimarama sacks Yatu Lau rep on Fijian Holdings Board

The illegal and treasonous Bainimarama continues to make sweeping changes still aimed at getting even with fugitive and Lauan chief, Ratu Tevita Mara.

Replaced is Micheal Makasiale, the CEO of Yatu Lau.

In an overnight and low-key stealth move, Bainimarama has also appointed a relative unknown and no-stake individual as Board Chair, Carl Ngamoki-Cameron. 

Ngamoki-Cameron is the principal of Ngamoki Cameron legal and business advisory company.

He has also been a fervent of the illegal and treasonous military regime and was recently appointed as Bainimarama's appointee to the FRU Board, and instrumental in trying to overturn the power dynamics in local rugby.

Mr Ngamoki-Cameron is a member of the Suva Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chairman of the Media Relations Committee of the Fiji-NZ Business Council, and has used that position to attempt to pressure his country of birth, New Zealand.

It is whispered that Ngamoki-Cameron has blood ties to Bainimarama's family.

The other new board appointee, Ilimo Cawi is another unknown.

What Bainimarama does not know is that his own side-kick come manipulator, the illegal and treasonous Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is concurrently attempting to undermine Bainimarama's oversight of Fijian Holdings by extracting key financial information from Fijian Holdings.

Ordinary shareholders of Fijian Holdings, many of whom are also retirees, might want to take an active interest in their shares given that this body is also been keenly eyed by the illegal and treasonous regime as an additional cash-cow. 
Changes to FHL Board 28 June, 2011
In a press release made today, FHL announced the appointment of the new Board Chairman, Mr Carl Ngamoki-Cameron. The appointment was made by the Honourable Prime Minister in his capacity as the Minister for iTaukei Affairs.

Mr Ngamoki-Cameron assumes the Chairmanship from Mr Iowane Naiveli (who has been acting in the position for the past four months), who continues on as a member of the Board.

In addition, the Honourable Minister has also appointed Mr Ilimo Cawi as a Director, replacing Mr Michael Makasiale.

With these new appointments, the Board of FHL will now include; Messrs Carl Ngamoki-Cameron (Chairman), Iowane Naiveli, Padam Lala, Saimoni Lutu, Ulaiyasi Baya, Ilimo Cawi.

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