June 16, 2011

More Military Appointments & Re-shuffles

The illegal and treasonous Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC), Josefa Serulagilagi, continues to tinker with additional illegal and treasonous military appointments and re-shuffles within the civil service structure when he is supposed to be actually making some hard decisions.

One of these new appointments, Major Ned Taito, has conveniently jumped into a comfortable senior position within a key government department that he has no experience with and just advised the PSC on, in terms of its "functional review".

The most glaring point to note is that these reshuffles are a sign of rotation of new and key alliances within Bainimarama's military circle, given that he's just recently lost two additional allies.

More military families on the Australia, New Zealand and US travel black-lists for sure.

Once again taxpayers, against their will, continue to pay for Bainimarama's illegal and treasonous rewards system that allows him to maintain loyalty and keep these armed men cocking their rifles against innocent and unarmed civilians.
PSC announces new appointments
Ministry of Information
Jun 16 |16:14 pm

The Public Service Commission is pleased to announce a number of Senior Executive Service [SES] appointments as part of its efforts to re-organise and strengthen the work of respective ministries, departments and agencies. 

The PSC chairman Mr Josefa Serulagilagi said these appointments had been made following the due process with concurrence of the Prime Minister as is required under the State Services Decree, 2009. 

In this regards, the following appointments have been made:
  • Mr Manasa Vaniqi as Permanent Secretary for Sugar in light of Prime Minister’s decision to establish a dedicated ministry for the sugar industry.
  • Lt. Col. Inia Seruiratu, temporarily being promoted to act as Permanent Secretary for Provincial Development and National Disaster Management.
  • Major Ilai Moceica to take over the post of Commissioner Northern on an acting basis.  Major Moceica was the Commanding Officer for the RFMF Force Training Group and has extensive experience in all matters pertaining to military operations and training.
Both the above positions will be advertised to allow substantive appointments to be made through the due process.
  •  Mr Peni Ratumaitavuki re-appointed as Commissioner Central following his re-engagement upon reaching the retirement age.
  •  Major Ned Taito as CWM Hospital general manager.  Major Taito held the post of Director Finance and Logistics and Acquisition at the RFMF.  Prior to this, he was the RFMF Chief Staff Officer and Human Resources.  He also served as a team leader in the recent Functional Review Team covering the Ministry of Health.
Mr Serulagilagi said appointees possessed the requisite knowledge, skills and experience required for such SES level positions

He said the PSC was confident they would contribute immensely to achievement of the required reforms as well as work program as set out in respective Strategic and Corporate Plans of the ministries and departments concerned.  

The appointments are effective immediately.

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