September 21, 2011

FHL spin uncensored for now

FInally. It took Pio Tikoduadua's fingers-in-the-cookie-jar letter as posted up today, to release Sharon Goebbel's muzzle over the media to allow Fiji Village news to run a still non-news spin of the Fijian Holdings debacle.
Special Audit conducted on FHL Chairman
Publish date/time: 21/09/2011 [12:59]

Officials from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Finance are currently conducting a Special Audit in relation to certain allegations leveled against Fijian Holdings Limited Chairman, Carl Cameron.

Permanent Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, Colonel Pio Tikoduadua stressed that there are no changes in the Chairmanship at this stage and the audit will determine their next step.

Colonel Tikoduadua said the final decision will be made soon as the Special Audit is expected to be completed within the next few days.

Story by: Vijay Narayan
Intelligentsiya understands that the allegations levelled against Carl Ngamoki-Cameron as received via complaints to Bainimarama and which his audit team are investigating are:
1) That he requested management to customize the official appointment letter to himself with new clauses without Board's approval;
2) That he verified unilateral appointment to several subsidiaries as Chair without consent and consensus of other Directors;
3) That he did not consult other Directors nor given them adequate opportunities to be part of subsidiary Boards;
4) That we willfully obstructed payments which are contractually due to other Director namely Mr. Lutu for insurance;
5) That he facilitated a friend to conduct an internal examination of MF at company cost;
6) That he applied undue pressure at the HRM, Management and Directors, to recruit that consultant as the GM for Merchant Finance even when the consultant has not applied for the position;
7) That he did not follow the process even after being reminded by the HRM and acting GM-MF;
8) That he penalized acting GM-MF for highlighting the wrong process;
9) That he acted against the agreed majority decision at interview panel at the interview of GM-MF;
10) That Board of MF were not consulted in the appointment of the new GM and not allowed to facilitate setting discretion of authorities limits, KPI;
11) That he incurred capital expenditure without due board approval process.
The unauthorized expenditure were for:
(i) Apple noteback which was not compatible with FHL system. No quotes were called for and was purchased by you in Auckland and demanded reimbursements for;
(ii) Purchase a second notebook, IPAD from friend GM-MF and requested reimbursement from FHL;
(iii) Purchase of a wireless printer from FHL funds.
12) That he incurred unauthorized expenses such as phone bill, subscriptions course fees;
13) That he used FHL office for private work including use of office phone, board room for meeting with private clients;
14) That he caused selected management staff to report directly to him;
15) That he communicated directly with staff and suppliers without following proper process;
16) That he willfully delayed to review expired staff contracts (7 middle managers);
17) That he selectively invited shareholders to a part(y) at Suva Yatch Club using company funds - Directors and Management were not invited;
18) That there were no justified reasons for a quick travel to PNG at an exorbitant cost without prior Board approval. During this travel he incurred a cost of 14K to travel back to attend a private Fiji NZ business council meeting;
19) That in the trip he was accompanied by newly appointed GM and MF;
20) That he approved the sponsorship of FRU without prior board's approval;
21) That he used external consultations/friends for BLC and PR consultant for FHL without Board's approval; and
22) That he made unilateral decisions without giving due respect to other Board members

If these allegations are found to be true, the FHL Board members need to also reflect on their spinelessness in allowing ad hoc processes instituted by Ngamoki-Cameron to run amok and they should have been more vigilant so that agrieved parties could seek redress and solace inside the organisation.

Intelligentsiya understands that the final audit report is to be ready by tomorrow (22nd October 2012) and directed to the Office of the PM as the illegal and treasonous "Minister" in charge of Fijian Affairs (we do not subscribe to the i Taukei fallacy).

As this audit is in the public interest and has been undertaken by civil servants and therefore taxpayers money, it is incumbent on the regime to make it public and transparent. Values which we know are not within the realm of these military and treasonous sorts.

Intelligentsiya would also strongly urge Lt Col Pio Tikoduadua to exercise caution and restraint on whatever he is trying to hide because we've got his numbers. All of them.

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