September 01, 2011

When "following orders" will no longer cut it

Fiji fugitive, Ratu Tevita Mara's, attempt to reach out to his fellow comrades against the tyranny of the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama and his boss Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum was noteworthy.

We remind all operatives of the RFMF who are current cannon fodder of Bainimarama's psychotic delusions, that international law has already determined that merely "following orders" are no longer valid.

The Nuremberg trials and the Nuremberg Principles already cement that.

But if you want a closer-to-home situational analysis, look no further than to Fiji vets who "followed orders" and who to this day suffer from the effects of nuclear fallout.

The moral of the story is that justice for the treasonous atrocities instigated upon a population held at gunpoint by the regime is coming swiftly, and only military personnel who continue to  uphold the constitution and refuse "illegal and treasonous orders" can enjoy liberty with us.

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