October 08, 2011

Air Pacific use police to handle internal staffing issues

Due to much public pressure, paranoia and stupidity now reigns supreme in Air Pacific.

Police get complaint for Air Pacific regarding employee
Publish date/time: 07/10/2011 [17:11]

Police have confirmed receiving a complaint from Air Pacific with regards to an employee allegedly breaching the company’s Code of Conduct.

Director Operations, ACP Henry Brown said investigations are in their initial stages and can not divulge any information at the moment.

Meanwhile, Air Pacific Spokesperson said that they have suspended the employee pending the completion of a Company investigation into serious potential breaches of Company’s Code of Conduct, Company policies, and the employee’s terms of employment.

He added because of the seriousness of this possible misconduct, the Company has also referred this matter to the Fiji Police for its own investigation.

The airline added that out of respect for the rights of the employee and in keeping with the Company’s privacy and employment policies, further information cannot be provided until completion of the Company’s detailed and comprehensive internal investigation.

Story by: Paradise Tudrau

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ex Fiji tourist said...

I can't understand why all air pathetic staff don't call in sick.

Then bananasinpyjamas could get some of his 'skilled' green goons to fly the planes.