October 21, 2011

RNZI: Fiji chief censor studies information policies in China

Posted at 01:38 on 20 October, 2011 UTC

Fiji’s chief censor has flown to China to learn how to disseminate information that is accurate and balanced.

Sharon Smith-Johns, who is the Ministry of Information’s permanent secretary, is attending workshops for officials representing information ministries from developing countries.

She says developing countries can learn from each other to develop new ideas to ensure information is not distorted, inaccurate or unbalanced when it reaches the general public.

The Fiji regime introduced a media decree last year but then failed to make good on its earlier promise to lift its emergency rules that also censor the media.


Anonymous said...

what a joke miss Shing Chang Jones is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, more BS being dished out from the military kalavo - has she gone to study their policies because its permanently stuck to the great wall of China; or has adi kalavo gone for a tax-payer paid colostomy bag operation since she's due for a second one. LMAO..