December 28, 2011

Ratu Tevita Mara: Truth For Fiji reveals the truth about the Casino.

Truth For Fiji reveals the truth about the Casino.

The dictator endorsed a pack of lies when he launched the casino with 100 Lies (Oooops! my mistake) Sands Casino Fiji Ltd. Firstly I am going to look at the announcement and explain why it does not add up. Then I am going to reveal the true money grabbing plan revealed to me by a mole inside Aliz Pacific Nur Bano Ali’s corrupt consulting firm.

Larry Claunch announced 100 Sands were going to build a casino, hotel and conference centre costing $290m USD. It was going to have nearly 200 rooms, 500 slot machines and 64 gaming tables. The ground breaking will start in March 2012 and the casino will be finished 18 months later. Larry said they were partnering with Snoqualmie Tribe. The Casino will not be open to locals.

Let’s look at this piece by piece

$290m hotel.
This will make it the most expensive hotel ever built in Fiji. This is nearly $600m Fijian which dwarves the $300m+ FNPF sunk into Natadola. The FNPF as we all know had to write the value of the hotel down to a mere $80m. The most expensive hotel on Denarau cost less than $100m FJD. A hotel costing this much will never make a return on investment even with a casino.

Massive Casino.
The closest casino of a similar size to the one planned by 100 Sands is Sky City in Auckland. But the amount of people that Sky City has to draw on is far bigger. New Zealand has more tourists in a peak month than Fiji has in a whole year. Similarly with Business visitors. Additionally it has the population of Auckland to call on and that is bigger than the total population of Fiji. For those of you who have not visited Sky City the Downstairs is full of the urban poor, mainly Polynesians gambling with their last few dollars. It is not a pretty sight.

So with only the tourists from Denerau and Nadi and a few expats a total of about 7,500 how on earth is Larry going to fill his casino? Obviously he is not. Every punter will have the choice of 3 empty roulette wheels or 100 slot machines to play on. I know why they are calling it 100 Sands: because it is going to be DESERTed.

Larry Claunch
Larry is a man of mystery prior to coming to Fiji. The only thing we really know about him is that he is rich, he has lived in Fiji for about 10 years and he has failed to develop his one property project in Fiji. He has no personal experience of running a casino. One thing he has learnt is that in today’s Fiji it is who you know that matters and he has paid to know the right people as I will show below.

Snoqualmie Tribe.
They borrowed $385m USD in 2007. This money was used to build their first casino. Unfortunately for them it was not a success and actual revenue was one quarter of the projections. They have had to restructure their debt. They are in n position to borrow any more money and what profits they make on their current gambling operations are going to service their existing debt. There is no money for this investment coming from the Snoqualmie Tribe. Their casino expertise only goes back 5 years so they are mere beginners in this complex and difficult business. Added to which their track record is not good and they have had to give their first CEO a payoff of $14mUSD to get rid of him.

These are the experts that Bainimarama has invited into to Fiji to steal from the poorest Fijians. In exchange for what, a nice Indian Chief’s head dress. Most of us grew out of dressing up games when we were kids but Frankie loves dressing up as a builder or an Indian Chief. Just as an aside he has the makings of being a one man Village People.

Not Open to Locals
Larry says the casino will not be open to locals. He then goes on to say he will open a smaller operation in Suva. Last time I looked I could count the number of tourists in Suva on one hand. Larry’s casinos will be open to the Locals.

As you can see this casino operation does not add up and just as worryingly there are no successful casino operators involved.

Now for the real story as revealed from within Aliz Pacific.

I mentioned Larry understood it was all about who you know. Well he hired Aliz Pacific, Dr. Nur Bano Ali’s money laundering consultancy firm. He has paid over $1m in consultancy fees which Aunty Nur shares with her nephew the AG and shares a bit with his puppet. The AG approved the license with Larry and off we go.

However the true plan involves an investment of only a few million and building a new entrance to the upstairs at Port Denerau.

$290m Hotel = Renting upstairs space at Port Denerau.

Larry is building nothing more than a glitzy entrance to the casino that will operate in “office space” above the shops and restaurants of Port Denerau.

Massive Casino = 50 Slot Machines and 7 gaming tables in rented office space in Port Denerau

Larry Claunch = Con Artist who has built nothing in Fiji and has no intention of doing so.

Snoqualmie Tribe = Clincher with the PM.

They will provide no money and no expertise. Just a fancy head dress for little Frankie dressing up cupboard. The irony of the Native Americans selling their land to the white man for a few beads now buying the gambling rights of Fiji for a few feathers and head dress.

Not Open to Locals = Let’s have open house for the locals.

Larry has dressed this up as saying he is totally non discriminatory and he does not feel comfortable not allowing Fijians to enter their own casino. What he means is he can’t wait to get his hands on the local money and make himself rich at our expense.

Overall Larry is going to invest a few million dollars, not build anything and rip off the people of Fiji. There is not $290m USD investment, there will only be a few slot machines flown in.

People of Fiji understand the Dictator is endorsing this scam. Ask yourself why? Is he getting a pay off? Or is he just too stupid to see the real situation? Either way Bainimarama is not fit to run Fiji

Once again we can see the Fijian people are being manipulated by the evil Khaiyum and his wicked witch Aunty Nur Bano Ali.

2012 is the year Fijians will wake up and overthrow dictatorship.

Thumbs up for Democracy!


ex Fiji tourist said...

Wow! What a powerful expose.

Their will not be enough tourists to even partially fill the rented premises.

Most tourists from Australia are there for the cheap holiday in the sun. They won't be travelling a long way to play a poker machine.

Tourists on cruise ships will miss out as they will berth a long way from the rented casino.

So, very few people will visit so it will be a failure; just like the Solomons.

Anonymous said...

there isnt any casinos opening at port denarau>>> as the units upstairs are not for rent/lease, they are "for sale"....

Anonymous said...

The snoqualmie tribe, has never functioned properly in it's history, this fiji deal was coerced by members no longer in charge. Hopefully an investigation will refover missing funds.

Anonymous said...

As a fijian citizen,I think its better not to build a casino for this will bring disaster but nothing to the community as a whole.