March 12, 2012

MSN NZ: Key wants more progress from Fiji

10:00 Mon Mar 12 2012 by AAP

Fiji will have to demonstrate a genuine intention to hold democratic elections before the government considers lifting sanctions, Prime Minister John Key says.

Self-appointed prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama announced at the weekend a constitutional consultation process would be held between July and September this year.

He says a new constitution is expected to be adopted in March 2013 ahead of democratic elections.

New Zealand imposed sanctions on Fiji after Cdre Bainimarama seized power in a military coup in 2006.

Mr Key says the regime must hold genuine consultations.

"They must engage with all stakeholders, not just say they will," he said on TV One on Monday.

"We want to see elections held, we've always said that, and we would like to see sanctions removed."

Mr Key says the sanctions aren't extensive.

"They're virtually non-existent, they are a travel ban on members of the regime and their direct family, there are no real sporting sanctions and we let teams in," he said.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully says the move by Cdre Bainimarama is a step in the right direction.

"The international community will take a close interest in this process and the New Zealand government intends to give the process every opportunity to demonstrate its value."

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Anonymous said...

How long was the process for the 1997 Constitution? This is only for about 7 months because we did not allow enough time for it to live - breathe and tested.