March 06, 2012

Ratu Tevita Mara releases updated version of RFMF Board of Inquiry Report

Ratu Tevita Mara has released an updated version of the previously leaked RFMF Board of Inquiry report of the involvement of the "First Meridian Squadron in the takeover of Parliament on 19 May 2000 and the Subsequent Holding of Hostages".

Mara's web-site clarifies that for ease of downloads, "the electronic size of the RFMF Board of Inquiry (BOI) report has been reduced. The contents of the BOI report have not been changed in any way manner or form."

This latest updated version should have all 1,027 pages and the article by Brij V Lal (pages 374 to 398) which forms part of the BOI Report.

Not surprisingly, Mara's web-site observes that 1,584 copies of the BOI report were downloaded from their site when it was first released. Since then downloads average 495 a day.

A mirror copy of the BOI Report as well as correlating reports from Rt Timoci Silatolu (writing to Bainimarama from prison in March 2004), a letter dated 07 March 2003 from the then Permanent Secretary of the President's Office, a letter dated 09 March 2003 from the then Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs and a statement from 12 January 2004 where the then Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs was threatened by Bainimarama, are also available.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the great coup maker and womaniser comes up with more BS to muddy the waters. Listen up Roko Ulukau. Just stay off your mobile, leave our rugby wives alone and start supporting your latest offspring. If only your overseas fans knew the truth. It's would be the two finger salute not your boring thumb's up. Shame on you, "otto limputt".