February 27, 2007

Anger mounts over death with calls for Shaista Shameem’s head

Anger has began to mount among the population – at least as visible in the blogosphere – over the death of yet another civilian at the hands of soldiers.

Also mounting are calls for the head of the Fiji Human Rights Commission director, Dr Shaista Shameem.

On Intelligentsiya, an anonymous writer, in response the post of 19-year-old Sakiusa Rabaka’s death from head injuries sustained after he was bashed up by soldiers in Nadi, says, “In all my years growing up in Fiji, I have heard of such stories happening elsewhere.... stories of people being taken by military personnel, authorities and tortured and treated inhumanely.”

Another anonymous writer says: “The question for the military is why they are condoning these acts. (Bainimarama) cannot distance himself from this brutality.”

The writer goes on to say, “I hope that those soldiers who are responsible do the honourable thing and resign their commission, speak the truth and take the consequences like a man.”

On Fiji Village Talk forum, a frenzy of messages – some vulgar – have been posted under a string called “Shaista Shameem must resign!” most posters say Shameem should bow out now.

A poster nicknamed HighCommander begins the topic: “Shaista Shameem is no longer capable of exercising absolute independence in her role as the executive head of the Fiji Human Rights Commission. Her recent comments about the EPG report and the largely irrelevant objections that she made were absolutely incredible. It certainly was not worthy of an executive of a supposedly independent organisation. She has clearly demonstrated that she cannot independently and dispassionately assess matters that affect FHRC. Time to step down, Shaista!”

Travp says: “No let her stay. She’s so totally crapped on the reputation of the FHRC that it will no longer hold any credibility as an institution no matter what. The whole organisation will need to be reconstituted under some different name. It's lost credibility domestically and internationally. Feed her a bit more wine and cheese and let her wallow in it.”

And some news from Intelligentsiya collaborator Keep-the-Faith: “Take heart good people, there is a major exodus in the FHRC - 4 or 5 at last count within 3 weeks. Good on you guys for making principled exits!! As for the remaining suckers ---- time is of the essence and each passing day taints you more.”


Anonymous said...

Anger in Blogosphere should also compel you guys to provide links. At the moment, it seems only Intetgencia is harping about it.

Anonymous said...

man, I wonder what smart comment that fake bottle blonde will come up with next...LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE SUPPORTING, HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE!!! idiot, be aware, be very aware shaista...you are not a hard target to miss, niether are those close to you....isa, I pity your high education, it has clouded your judgement

DFL said...

Iam not a part of Intelligentsiya but Iam angry with this coup madness. Some of my friends who have been for the military and the coup from the start are also angry with the killings and senseless torture.
Can I suggest that we fly Fiji flags from our cars and houses as a sign of protest to the coup and human rights abuses and our sympathy for the victims and their families.
Lets not wait for the Hong Kong 7s to fly our flags but do it now from every rooftop and car top and hilltop and whatever top.
For Fiji Ever Fiji! God Bless and God Reigns!

Anonymous said...

I have been flying my Fiji flag from house since Dec 5 as my means of protesting against the actions of the army. I think we should all do this and lets see. We the people of Fiji need to play a part in bringing democracy back into the fold. Don't let the school drop-outs at Delainabua win.

Anonymous said...

dont worry everything comes to an end,for wat they done it will be paid to them.