February 28, 2007

Condolences for Rabaka

The tall, beautiful and bold
As the relatives of Sakiusa Rabaka prepare to bury the 19-year-old on Friday (March 2) youths around the country mourn the young man.

While members of the Young Peoples Network try to meet with interim ministers in the hope that young people will spared the brutality dished out at military installations nationwide, an email from another Nadi youth looks at the happy boy Sakiusa was.

Writing on behalf of her family, Amanda Edwards sent condolences to the friends and family of mourning the death of a person she described as "definitely one on the most funniest and awesome guys i was eva blessed to hav known. Even thou you arnt wit hia us physically we know that your soul will live amongst us for eva boy!" (sic)

Young Mandee remembers Sakiusa from the bus ride home from school and said he was the type of boy who would always "put on that lovely smile" for all to see.

"Yep! boy i can still see that full set of teeth, today. We spent short days together but everyday i'd cherish till i meet you again, RABAKA."

"Will luv you forever as a friend and as a brother."


Anonymous said...

saki will be remebered most for his smile and happy go lucky atitude.

isa saki, ni moce. we will all meet each other again.

to the youths of Fiji, push for the best and never take second seat. the future is yours and what happens today will affect your future.

to waqavonovono and his group, you ppl. are doing a good service trying to stop this madness. my prayers are with you.

and to all the people out there who have faced the military and survived - Peter waqavonovono and co. esp. - what can you do for each other and what can you do for others around you to ensure the best.
i have had enough of all this tears and blood. we are cleaning nothing, we are making more emotional and physical mess'es,

i want to join the young people network, how do i join, maybe if intelligentsiya can advertise their contacts so we youths can join and be part of this movement.

Josua T

Media said...

Rabaka was a good kid.He was one of those unique kids that cannot be found
anywhere else. He was truly a great friend to all students that he went with
at SVC. Have never seen him get into a fight with anybody, only that smile
that would be on his face from morning till afternoon. When i first heard
the news i did not know that it was him but after seeing the picture and
hearing SAKIUSA RABAKA LIGAIVIU, i waz really shocked. didn't know what to
say. everybody watching was talking and i was the only there keeping quiet.
I had remembered one time we stepped school and spent the whole day at his
house playing playstation till Kamals bus had come, lunch was even
prepared. I didnt even have the chance to return the favour... Well those were the fun days. He might have gone now but deep down in our hearts he
still remains. If i had knew that this would happen, i would have shared
with him how much i had appreciated his companionship. To all of you
friends... Amanda, Chantel,Alisi, Anaseini, Denise, Jale, Kryie, Lina,
Ronlyn, Aminiasi, Taina, Christina, Mea,Vasiti and to those who i dont have
their email addy, but the list goes on. It is an honour to be on ur friends
list, i wanna thank you all for all the memories i have from being with you
all.You are all special and i mean it.Rabaka.... we all miss you friend and
brother.My condolences to the family.Am just sorry that i could not be there
in Nadi tommorow for the funeral.

With alot of LOVE
Mojie Bula

Anonymous said...

As a mother I am deeply touched by the grieving Alanieta Rabaka over her son's death.The nation watched as she boldly shared her grief on the news.I can only think of my son at the tme she was being interviewed on FIJI ONE.Mothers surely should support her in time of her grief and stand together to remind our sons who are in the Military that we will answer to all that we have done comes judgement day and the anger of the people,the vanua and the CHURCHES will befall the generations of those who partook in shattering the lives of those innocent ones.Its time to act now mothers!!!!!

nomorecoups said...

They have no evidence that this boy was a marijuana dealer/smoker. To say that he was a 'known' dealer/smoker is indicative of the style of governance that Bainimarama is advocating - the kill now and explain later and the 'clean up now' and give evidence of what was to have been cleaned up .. .later.
Its always leap now, think later for this regime.
Every single person the army takes up to their camps to be brutalised because of Marijuana .. will come out to continue to smoke MJ, if not more.
There is a reason for our court system, there is a reason for the type of punishment that society decides it will dole out for appropriate crimes.
These soldiers suddenly think theyre the be-all and know-all of the justice system???
Thats what comes from a lack of education and an excess of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Isa, I secretly supported the Military, but not anymore. I actually thought that you people were dong something good, but at what cost...One life is too much too many, Man, what happened to Fiji, the Fiji I remember was when the soliders came home for tea, when the sergent taught cadets in our school and was a good friend of my grandparents, the private who used to I went to church with, Isa, now, when I see soliders, I cant help but wonder...HOW DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT, I WONDER IF THEY HAVE CHILDREN, I WONDER WHAT KIND OF EXAMPLE THEY TEACH THEIR CHILDREN, THEIR NEPHEWS AND NIECES,

Isa I pray for my country every single day and hope and have faith that one day all the wrongs that have been acted on us by the military will be undone and the judgement that will be exacted on the military will filter to their children and their fruits of their loins....