February 02, 2007

Intelligentsiya attracts attention

After launching intelligentsiya last week, we’ve been a little surprised at the sudden interest that’s developed this week.

Yesterday, Chief Intelligentsiya got a call from an Australian Associated Press reporter who was doing a story on intelligentsiya and freedom of speech in general in Fiji.

He asked if we were afraid the military would get to us. Now, we hope the military doesn’t think we are irritating enough to haul up to Queen Elizabeth Barracks. But we probably think they will detain us, once they find out who we are. But in the meantime, we’ll continue to publish.

The same evening, on 1 National News’ six o’clock bulletin featured intelligentsiya at the end of the first segment. (Read more on Fiji TV's site here)

I must say I choked when I looked at a screenshot of intelligentisiya’s blog on the TV news. It made me realise that intelligentsiya is off the ground and there’s now no turning back – much like the military’s clean-up campaign.

Somebody I know has been getting emails wanting to find out “who’s behind” intelligentsiya. Funnily enough, this being Fiji, I actually know the person who’s trying to find out who were are.

There have been several messages, most positive, left on this blog. Someone, who chose to post a comment anonymously, didn’t see the irony in writing “Free speech is also about not hiding who you are.” Actually, we are not afraid to reveal who we are. It’s just not the right time, especially while trying to get intelligentsiya established. People need some sort of anonymity if they are to say what they feel without fear of suddenly finding soldiers outside their door.

Bob in Australia, thanks for your message of support. You can email us at intelligentsiya@gmail.com to discuss what sort of support you’re offering.

We also welcome comments from people who think what we’re doing is useless. It’s a good way to reality-check us.

Over the next few days, we’ll be posting more analysis, comments, and opinions so be sure to check back.


Anonymous said...

I think this web site is fabulous, expect more hits, your site made it on TVNZ news, and all papers in NZ.
i am coming over to fiji soon, anything you guys need to help you keen going?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. I was studying in Fiji for 3 years, just completed last year. The impacts of this coup could have a disastorous effect on the poor.

I agree with some of the issues raised by the millitary a genuine, however they are dealing with it in the wrong way. Overthrowing of a democratically elected government is one a long many human right abuses and media bulling. Don't let them scare you, keep the free media flow alive.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see someone standing up for freedom of speech.

This whole campaign of "cleaning up" is under the pretense that everything is corruption. The military may have the power of the gun, but we have technology on our side.

"The pen is mightier than the sword".

Anonymous said...

The pressure on the coup leaders in Fiji at the moment , must be huge and constant 1
Maintain the pressure i say , well done and keep up the good work . I recently saw a movie called the Great Dictator , starring Charlie Chaplin . It was made in 1940 , before the world knew about the atrocities Hitler and his cronnies were committing against mankind . Chaplin was concerned that he shouldn't have released it because of the crimes against humanity . But victimsof Hitler's muderous regime , said it was good to make something commical of something so tragic . I was thinking of making my own movie about the coup ! I'm surprised no one has yet !

Anonymous said...

Since you Intelligencia guys did not protest the Iraq invasion, the issue of Depleted Uranium and the use of these weapons in N.Z and Aust defence forces makes a mockery are your amateur stances of democracy.

How the democractic stance against GCC and their undemocratic membership criteria.

The issue of the latest Pari enivironmental summit and the blatant pollution by US, Aust?

Chief Intelligentsiya said...

In reference to the above comment: I actually did protest the Iraq war BEFORE it began. I was one of millions around the world that marched in protest on February 15, 2003. As for your other comments, our blog is - at the moment -dedicated to Fiji's latest round of growing pains. The military has done what it did and we acknowledge there is no turning back. Fifty years down the road, history may judge Bainimarama to be a hero. But history also shows us what happens when people remain silent about the things that matter - witness the Holocaust. Hitler was democratically elected, yet turned out to be one of history's most reviled characters.
The military may have good intentions but it's their way of enforcing those intentions that is reprehensible.

Bainimarama himself has gone against his word and his officers have led crackdowns on anybody with dissenting views who dares to speak out.

What we reject - and we've said this a number of times - is the military's attempts to stifle free speech.

If free speech was not an issue at the moment, there probably would not have been Intelligentsiya.

As for your other comments regarding depleted uranium and the use of such by Australia and New Zealand, come on, we're not trying to save the world here - we're just trying to save ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I could give this Boy a fricking medal for his sheer stupidity..."Since you Intelligencia guys did not protest the Iraq invasion, the issue of Depleted Uranium and the use of these weapons in N.Z and Aust defence forces makes a mockery are your amateur stances of democracy"

Jazuz jazuz, whoever wrote this piss potty message, let me tell you something, I might not be able to spell Depleted Uranium[cut&paste] or use fancy bum bum lingo like you but I know an arrogant idiotic writer when I read his story.

Us gang in Fiji, we cant even afford to put food on our tables, muchless get a decent job that pays enough and you want us to worry about Iraq, Uranium and the aussies and kiwi's...Boy we got our own problems to deal with before we try and tackle others man.

Nut ga na nut, I always say. As for ametuer stances of democracy...the only thing ametuer or premature is your brain and junior down south, premi trying to tell us what to fight for!!! When we got nuts like fRANKY bABY,LeWEnI, dRiTi and co...to hell with the auusies we got more pressing concerns in our own shores

So to that falla that wrote in before CHIEF...go stick it where the sun dont sunshine, Courtesy of this Bloody proud full blooded Fijian whose just trying to breath mada ga without having nut ass's like that author tell me to protest about something sooooo far away

laminar_flow said...

Saving yourselves and turning a blind eye to larger evils in this world.

Did Fiji see you continue to protest outside Aust and US Embassies in Fiji or was it just a one time thing; for publicity. Not an ongoing effort.

If Democracy was the true calling of Intelligencia, then why did'nt you guys protest GCC and their involvement in Fiji's democracy since independence. GCC's membership criteria is anything but democratic-but thats okay for Intellegencia.

Sure, you guys are just out to save your own necks; at the expense of true governance and moral clarity in Fiji.


Where were you guys in 1987 and the Sunday Bans or the 2000 post-coup events. No protests, sit-ins, or democracy shrine.

Anonymous said...

What the..?! The way you're going on laminar_flow, you'd think you came out of your mothers womb protesting a cause!!
Give us a break, we've gotta start somewhere!
Are you implying that this cause somehow isn't worthwhile? It may not be your pet issue, but it's a real issue.

Anonymous said...

I do not knowl who laminar-flow is and from what angle the comments are made. I must congratulate the barins behind intelligentsiya for coming out with a platform when we can say what we want to say without fear. The GCC's role in the governance of Fiji should not be questioned unless you are not an aboriginal. Actions taken by some of them in the past has been questioned and some of them have had to pay heavily as far as the modern law is concerned. Nevertheless, they still have a pivotal role in the govermnance of the ethnic people of this country and that is important because it is these very people that make up the government hence the country.