February 10, 2007

Laisa Digitaki speaks from her hiding place

Below is a statement release on behalf of Laisa Digitaki and sent to Intelligentsiya:

7th February, 2007

One of Fiji’s pro-democracy citizens, Ms Laisa Digitaki, says concerns
raised by the Human Rights Watch head office in New York, in their
detailed letter to Interim Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and
President Ratu Josefa Iloilo, must be taken seriously by this military

“They (Human Rights Watch) have the muscle and public relations
machinery to lobby the UN, European Union, USA, Australia, New Zealand
and other foreign governments to withdraw all forms of economic support
and the like to Fiji, based on their Fiji human rights abuses findings
report,” said Digitaki.

She said this interim military government can not operate in isolation
and can only steer Fiji forward with the assistance of the
International Community and by adhering to the recommendations put
forth by the Human Rights Watch.

“To be able to win back the confidence of the International Community,
we must first of all satisfy ourselves and them with simple things like
honoring our citizens’ right to a respectable and dignified life,
instead of treating those who peacefully oppose this regime like
animals as we are experiencing right now,” she said.

She said all efforts must be made by this military regime to prevent
all forms of arbitrary detention and physical abuse as continuing human
rights violations can very well become the main cause of this interim
military regime’s demise, if they are not careful.

Digitaki, whose whereabouts here in Fiji still remain unknown since
February 23rd, 2007, has admitted that she contacted the Human Rights
Watch head office on December 28th, 2006 seeking their assistance and
intervention following her detention and abuse on Christmas Eve with
four other activists by the Fiji military.

“I lost faith in our Military, Police, Judiciary and the Fiji Human
Rights Commission office after its Director, Shaista Shameem, showed
glaring signs of dislike against pro-democracy citizens like me. That
prompted me to contact the head office of the Human Rights Watch in New
and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva,” Digitaki

She said that President Iloilo and interim Prime Minister Bainimarama
must not be misled into believing that they are immune from any legal
action into allegations of serious human rights abuses perpetrated by
their military regime.

“The Human Rights Watch was behind the successful conviction of former
Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet in London for the human rights crimes
he committed against his own people.”

“So President Iloilo and interim Prime Minister Bainimarama should
remember that the “Pinochet precedent” has been set whereby dictators
like them who commit human rights crimes and then try to block their
own prosecution at their homeland with a blanket immunity decree can
still be tried anywhere else in the world,” Digitaki added.

Ms Digitaki is an independent pro-democracy citizen of Fiji Islands
supported by her own personal financial contribution for the promotion
of democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights in Fiji.

This statement was prepared for and on behalf of Ms Laisa Digitaki
based on her instructions. For further verification, you may contact
her by email only on laisad@jaefiji.com


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Laisa took so long to contact Geneva . I had already done so on Christmas day , plus several other organisations ! It's a shame it's taking you Fijians so long to wake up to what is happening . Doesn't anyone there think ahead ?
Too busy sucking kava under the coconut tree I suppose !
Just remember , once China gets it's foot in the door , the Human Rights abuses will really start and you'l have no one to go to for help . As i said before , power corrupts , absolute powere , corrupts absolutely ! Isn't that what's happeing there now ?

Anonymous said...

In true Laisa fashion, Fiji's infamous "pro-democracy & human rights activits" heads straight to Geneva and New York to seek the HRW's refuge.

Pitty her followers - i wonder if she ever included them in her plight to escape the cowardship of Frank and his black sheep ??? Let me guess - did she call them using her latest Nokia mobile sitting by a spa at a secret five star resort with her bling bling creating such a glare that it blinds and fools Fijians into thinking it is God in the distance? Haaalleluya !!

To suggest that Laisa is a pro democracy activist is misleading. She has only come into the spotlight since Dec 5th. Aptly to also break into the international arena with the insurgance of the internation press on to our shores. Great PR !! however you will need to polish your media interviewing skills my dear - otherwise you and Frankie may need an emergency crash course in PR by the guru himself Dame Leweni.

Back to my earlier point - Laisa a "Pro demoractic & HR activit" - BULLSHIT. All part of this pathetic bandwagon of wannabies.

Q. Where was Laisa and her activits when hundreds of women in Fiji are subject to violent abuses by their husbands day in and day out?
A. At a coral coast resort relaxing.

Q.Where was she when 100s of children roam the streets feeding off scraps and chasing shoes to polish for a living?
A. "Opps thanks for that, great shoe shine job Tomasi- thats 50c for your roti". Corporate cocktail reception starts in 1hr in the capital.

Q. Where was she when over thousands of Fijians are daily subject to and victimised to the poor working conditions and awful wages??
A. Signed, sealed and delivered - another contract and business deal done. "Who cares about grass roots?" Laughing all the way to the bank.

Q. Where was she when the rights of many children during the couple of years were subjected to coporal punishment in schools??
A. Who knows...

Q.Where was she and her followers when every day the very right to an education, good health and so on are short lived by thousands of Fijians because they do not have the resources to foot for themselves?
A. Obviously they did not give a rats arse - AND THAT INCLUDES YOU ADI VOREQE.

What do you think? To think that she is - oh my poor child you may need some Parada suinglasses. Looks like the glare from Laisa's bling bling has truely blinded you.

Anonymous said...

Well lets see how things goes....since as it is...it is time to think up our very own third or fourth ammendments like they have in the US.

The peoples silence does not mean that we are simply following the flow, we are simply gauging where we are going.

Now is not the time to worry about the M-I-G's after all they are human....and majoriy are not even worth a cent of my tax that I am paying them with.

And if there comes a time where we have to go to the extreme to defend our very own right, then so be it...I would not want my future generation to be opressed by one who think he is mightier than all of us since he has all the guns in this country.

If this is meant to be a general call then so be it....instead of trying to please them since if it is seen quite clearly from the very begining of this whole saga, a wrong can never and shall never be made to be assumed to be justified as a righteous deed.

I say...why don't we try out their worth now....?

If they say they are the best jungle fighters then it simply means that it is all of us...so why not we try a jungle fighter against another and lets see who comes out as victors.

I can post in here to all that are interested, the fitness programm to whoever wishes to take this challenge up. And while it can be done individually, simply await the call to rally in your individual area(s) and then we put up our very own "meke".

It is of no use to cry over spilt milk, but it now time to create your small cells, and await the final call.

There is alot that can be made since the as the saying goes, the most dangerous enemy is the one that is already within.

I urge all the professionals to contribute on this topic and get things moving.

Since we shall never meet in person, untill we see fit that we come out in the open, let us begin the gradual removal of all forces of evil.

This comment is not confined to a particular race it is a general call up for all...so take heed for it maybe that we will be their targets in the very near future.

God bless us the good citizens of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

It is sas that some commentators can stoop so low to go back at Laisa's past and starts to discredit her and activities since December 5. All human beings in whatever we do have a start date - for activisim it is when better understanding has been acquired on the issues especially that of human rights. For all who want to talk - look at the ICESCR - it has been in place for may years but only a handful of country have signed up to its principles yet it afects our daily lives - health, education etc. Please really think hard and long before uttering words that are only too ligt and easily blown away.

Anonymous said...

Drama Queen...or is it self pity....like tell someone who cares Laisa..cause we dont...