February 16, 2007

Soldiers beat teenager senseless

A teenager was admitted in a serious condition at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital on February 12 after being beaten up by soldiers. The reason for the 19-year-old's assault is unclear.

The teenager was admitted with grave head injuries but the incident has not been reported in the mainstream media.

The teenager's family is fearful of further military retaliation and the young man's mother sought advice on whether on she should lodge a complaint with the Fiji Human Rights Commission as she was extremely fearful of the repercussions from the military.

The 19-year-old was reportedly visited by a female member of the interim administration on the evening of February 15th. It is unclear as to what her next course of action, as a member of the interim administration will be.

Meanwhile, the Lautoka High Court was abuzz with the unprecedented joint visit by the acting Chief Justice and the interim Attorney General this week.

PS: Following our post on the topic on February 16, Fijilive reported on February 20 that the 19-year-old was Sakiusa Rabaka of Nadi who was recovering from surgery. He was arrested by soldiers on allegations of peddling drugs, but his mother said he was at the "wrong place at the wrong time".


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how frankie and his mates are going around calling people bullies . well, i suppose it takes one to know one . does anyone know what happened to the crw ex soldiers who were taken away at the beginning of the coup and do you recall gunfire was heard from the camp the day after they were abducted , i can't seem to get an answer from anyone . while you sit and tolerate the slightest illegal activity , you inevitably encourage bigger ones ! this mother should start an action with the united nations , for an act against humanity , not with the fijian human rights commission , as you know , the directors allegiances are well known there ! the united nations and an international case needs to be started now as this behaviour won't stop . it really is time to put a stop to these thugs . perhaps one of the returning peacekeepers has a spare weapon ! diplomacy doesn't seem to work with murderers , look at hitler .

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask , the barrister in new zealand who is giving paid advise to the military thugs and members of the imterim government , should be giving free advise to this poor lady and commencing a case in court against the human rights violaters . if he is sincere , and the commander is truly in command , then these people should be brought to justice . don't forget , the state of emergency is an illegal proclamation by a rogue soldier who was about to be questioned by police for the murders of the crw soldiers in 2000 , in the back of police / army vans , whose cries of death could be heard throughout the back streets of suva . it concerns me also , that the Fijian peacekeepers are wearing their warrior ways as a badge of honour . A true warrior , does not murder for the sake of murder , but a true murderer does . There is a huge difference between the 2 .

Anonymous said...

Dear Intelligentsia,
First, thanks for having this informative website up and running.
Since December 5, Fijians like myself, have felt so mad with what has happened but no outlet to air some of my two penny thoughts)

Intelligentisya has allowed this~ a big VINAKA to you for this neutral "space" to blurb as well as keeping us in the so called loop of confusion.

May I from the outset say, I am not a political supporter of any party nor linked to any individual- this is my own opinion, which to date, Ive witheld but now after reading the most recent case,( Rabaka), feel compelled to air to reflect my disgust.

It is a real tragedy as to what happened to the Rabaka family and my heart goes out to them.

I also think that the interim Prime Minister, should, in the name of transparency, ( and cleanliness) order a full enquiry into what happened here. An innocent teenager who could not defend himself has been MURDERED. Yes, MURDERED, a young adult. Killed. FINISHED.

ANOTHER citizen, taken at the hands of the military . Another human rights abuse statistic.when is it going to stop?????????or has it just started????

This time its not on BB C tonite and not being reported from some "other country" ( segai!!!) but in my own backyard!!!Yes, in my own play ground!!!!!! Right here in sandy beached, welcoming , guitar strumming Fiji!!!!

WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENNING TO US??? Is that the cost of human life now, nothing???? HAVE WE LOST OUR MIND AND BECOME KUKU?????

How can you honestly expect us, the tax paying public, who are funding your campaigns, and other do goody plans, expected to beleive that this new adminstration is for the better?????

You didnt get a proper mandate in the first place (ie the mandate given to you by the President) which you rely on all the time, is as we all know legally doubtfull as is his health and ability and when you came in had no sense of proper direction, objective or clear ways on how you would acheive your lofty goals, and if that isnt enough, continue to haul in, at a whiff of suspicion, innoncent boys and girls ( yes, children )who cannot defend themselves to stifle andy form of expression. talk about force-line, three times over!!!!!!!

Whilst you may say that the soldiers have been instructed to do this, you as LEADERS of the INTERIM ADMINSTRATION and I mean Binimarama, AG Aiyas Sayed Khaiyum, Anthony Gates, B Ganilau, M Chaudhary .

You cannot isolate yourselves from these incidents which I beleive are about 200 or so human rights cases ( forget the twenty something figure from FHRC, which is a waste of space and money and should be renamed FIJI FAIRWEATHER HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION) ( the poor donors including our own government that invested so much to actually set up and keep running this expensive, useless institution, which couldnt deliver on Dec 5th)

It looks like the peroxide bottles from the hairs salons are to blame for the evaporation of intellectual resources that shd have been reserved for times like December 5th, but that'll form the basis of my next piece.

So PM Frank, Ganilau, S Khaiyum, Poseci Bune, M Chaudry , I urge you , I plead with you to do the honorable thing to institute an enquiry to investigate what happened.

Refuse to be part of ( seriously, think about this!)an adminstration that is not going anywhere ( locally) or internationally, is led by someone who is beyond ability and cannot provide clear direction, and most importantly, does not respect its very citizens who are the very thrust and essence of fancy words like " mandate", governance, decision makers and government. Governance is not from the top down, its the reverse, from the bottom up.

if youre killing the people who are the basis of any government or any social organisation, you might as well,forget the rest of the programme.

Resign before its too late-