March 24, 2007

Freedom bloggers get voice on Radio Australia

Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program yesterday (Friday) broadcast a segment on Fiji’s freedom bloggers by Bruce Hill.

Two of the Intelligentsiya bloggers featured on the show along with fellow blogger FijianBlack from the Doing Something blog.

In the program, interim Attorney General Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum, who previously slammed Intelligentsiya for one report that was not accurate, makes the interim government look … well … just off.

On the program, the AG scoffs at the idea that the military is hunting for Intelligentsiya bloggers. It seems as if he's saying bloggers are a paranoid lot.

But wait a minute, we remember few weeks back when the army's mouthpiece Major Neumi Leweni declared Intelligentsiya bloggers were being hunted down. And this announcement went on for several days before the military realized a publicly-declared "hunt" was only making them look foolish since they couldn't track any of us down and stopped talking about it.

FijiBlack calls it foot-in-mouth syndrome.

Listen to the podcast of the broadcast on Radio Australia's website here.