April 13, 2007

If the shoe fits...

Some thoughts from our contributor CASSANDRA:

One day the running shoes could be on the other foot.

While gleefully yelling "I told you so!" does not become a gentleman, your otherwise mild-mannered correspondent is definitely not gentlemanly when it comes to his hate and loathing of the Bainimarama junta's theft of Fiji's modest prosperity, political integrity and international reputation.

Specifically, just on one month ago in an article published by Intelligentsiya I warned that the European Union was not going to cough up the desperately needed $350-million sugar restructure. According to that esteemed journal, Fiji Business News, your correspondent was right on the money, so to speak.

But that's not the only reason I have for being exultant about my undoubted sagacity.

More recently, Intelligentsiya carried my piece in which I put the proposition that the Commodore was a few bananas short of a decent picnic. If anyone doubted this admittedly crude diagnosis; they didn't have to wait long for hard evidence.

No sooner did my piece enter cyberspace than the dictator himself obligingly demonstrated its truth. I am referring to his reported utterances to the American Ambassador about running shoes.

Now, I ask you: what sort of lunatic carries on like that?

Well, I'll tell you. That's the behaviour of a lunatic who knows he's protected by guns and troops.

Which leads me to pose a question: what would happen if, by some stroke of divine intervention, those guns and troops were no longer available to this particular lunatic?

It would be one Voreqe Bainimarama who would be in desparate need of his Reeboks.


Zorro said...

I for one am really concerned about the Commander cum Prime Minister.

The recent spate of outbursts are indicative of a man with some serious psychological issues which can only make one a little nervous about the State of Play...

The true coloures are flying high now but the Man with the Gun is showing a level of instability that can only be a worry for us all.

God Bless Fiji....

raho said...

Looove to see him in his running shoes with Virisila, Laisa, Zinck and co telling him what to do.

Anonymous said...

Trues up, its really worrying indeed the way way and his fart catchers are acting up. In the begining he may have had alot of support from the common man and woman but now, he undermines our relations with other countries on whom we depend on, attacks the very traditional fabric of our society the GCC, and haresses anyone who may have a different view of things.

Wake up Frank, you are in aid of a major media PR job, you are loosing support and loosing it fast. I suggest that you start playing nice to the USA, and australia and new zealand cause you are about to need their help when this coup is over to ensure you and your family are safe.

newsfiji said...

Just recapping:

Days before Voreqe's takeover, Qarase was reported in the dailies as saying the man is "mentally unstable".

At the meeting in New Zealand, Helen Clark had remarked to Qarase,
"you're dealing with a madman".

I'd like to ask those of you who have access to Fiji TV's newsclips from when Frank began his rampage.

If we piece all the clips together of his speech's to the media, we can make our very own Laughing Samoans version and call it "The biggest Fijian Idiot"

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...


dont forget to mention all us little people too. We should make him, his bro meli, epeli, leweni, driti and bunch walk the plank.

No, we should set up nukulau for them, that will be really funny when they go there, and we put george speight and company back there. And we just let them coup people have coups amougst each other. Well, there will really be some nasty stuff going down on that island

Captain Freedom said...

First he threatens the US ambassador, then he snubs a US Diplomat, then he removes security barriers from the US embassy & British High Commission.
What next??

Can someone be really this stupid??

Anonymous said...

agree with anonym, bring GeorgeSpeight crew and Bai's coupclan on Nukulau, and let them coup each other, hahaha...a tamani coup Rau!