April 20, 2007

With tails between their legs...

We heard yelps reverberating from Government Buildings from here.

Yup that's right folks. The yelps similar to a dog that is running with its tails firmly stuck between it's legs. What is the reason you may ask?

The reason is because after all that alpha-male strutting in the media by Frank, Driti and even Teleni telling the USA who really owned Loftus Street, all it took was a meeting between Larry Dinger and Frank to resolve who REALLY the alpha-male was.

Driti folded first and then Frank folded himself into origamic submission.

But the international pressure is indeed rolling out day after day. YAHOOO to the EU for sticking to its "Cotonou" guns.

As for the FHRC's Shameem, we say just give it up because the whole world (including the EU) knows how deeply entrenched your hands are in this mess no matter what you say now.

Regionally our eyes are still firmly on USP as a CROP Agency to do good by their leaders directives.

However the external pressure can only do so much. It's time for you, yes you, the person reading this blog who lives here in Fiji to take action if you truly want Fiji back from the illegal hands of this military junta.

The Fiji Law Society have begun by lodging documents for a Judicial Review of the purported meeting of the Judicial Services Commission on 15 January 2007 but the REAL POWER is in your hands.

We've talked about making your money really work for you and while we hear your comments we make our position clear now. Intelligentsiya is a firm advocate of Passive Resistance. Fiji should never suffer collatoral damage and passive resistance does work!

So join the 1 May stay-at-home day as a sign of your resistance to this junta.

In addition there are 2 other things you can do:

a) Do not support the unbranded "help em wantok" event scheduled for tomorrow at the foreshore. Yes we feel for our wantoks but this is another insidious attempt by the junta to use a tragedy to prove that they have legitimacy. If you want to help our wantoks contact the Solomon Islands government directly. Do not trust your hard-earned dollars to middle-men who will use the PR to tell the world that we support them.

b) Boycott "Suva on Sale". Save your money as there are going to be leaner times ahead that is undoubted. If Himmat Lodhia and the retailers association want the armed check-points back and don't respect your views on a quick return to democracy then they can very well do without your $$$.

It's that simple folks and remember the infamous words of Ryunosuke Satoro: “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Together we will be the cataclysmic tide that sweeps this Junta right out of power with their tails between their legs.


Wedge Antilles said...

Right on! Let's do it!

Anonymous said...

I like the strategies...so come 1st May everyone is expected to stay home...but how do we this get thru to the masses, newspaper ad? giveout leaflets?

victory said...

voreqe and driti drau veitauri mada drau yavu lamulamu.

Anonymous said...

leaflets and as announcement in churhes.

Keep The Faith said...

Anonymous 2: The good ol' fashioned way of course (the one that works super efficiently right now with BLOG NEWS) -- COCONUT WIRELESS!!

Work the veiwekani, veikilai, networks, phones and the "codes" (code tiko vei iko LOL)

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 4: please leave Chruches alone. Religion and politics do not mix. We already have politicised Chruches. It is enough. By the way, staying away will not help anybody. R u guys planning to take Fiji backwards? I say this is a silly suggestion.

Anonymous said...

To last anon, the only people taking Fiji backwards (at an alarming rate) is the IG and its idiotic commander. At least let us have our say to these people to get out and have a democratic government back which will return us to normalcy in much faster time than these people possibly could and they neither have the mandate nor the qualification.

kaiviti said...

Anon 4 could be a liumuri spoiling the church.Becareful bloggers there are two faced bloggers coming in.One has been advertising his blog site in RFC but when u go there he runs RFC and members down.He is an arse hole like frank and leweni driti.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like keyboard copperhead caper! Bastard!

Anonymous said...

I have been using the old "word of mouth" strategy and it is working. A company employing hundreds of people near to my workplace are taking day offs tomorrow and some are simply saying they will not go to work. So I think new ideas of passive resistance if organised well will make a dent and show very clearly to those supporting the coup that all is not well.