May 11, 2007

ALERT: Military pressures FINTEL to block access to blogs

Fiji’s Freedom Bloggers have obtained credible information that the military has been pressuring FINTEL, the international telecommunication gateway, to block access within Fiji to our various blogs.

It is understood the military initially made a phone call to FINTEL but were told to write formally to the Chief Executive Officer Sakaraia Tuilakepa with the request.

This morning the army’s acting information technology manager Salusalu and another officer were seen at FINTEL. It has been confirmed that they were meeting with management and trying to persuade them to pull the plug on our blogs.

From our information, FINTEL is wary of the legal implications of blocking access, but the final decision rests with the CEO.

The military wanted access blocked by 3pm (1500hrs FST/0300hrs GMT) today.

NiuFM in Auckland is reporting confirmation from the military, quoting Land Force Commander Pita Driti, that they are closing down our blogs. See story here.

In the worst case scenario, all Internet access out of Fiji may be cut, Freedom Bloggers’ sources tell us. It may even happen over the weekend.

We're watching and waiting - and undaunted as ever.

Fiji Freedom Bloggers

Friday, May 11, 2007


Tui Cakau said...

I predict that the shutting down of the internet in Fiji will spell financial doom for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

seems a bit of a shame if the closedown were to occur...although probably understandable given that this site disappointingly is a lot about emotional rantings and personal agendas rather than balanced and rational storylines.

Anonymous said...

Fintel is just the conduit and have no right to tamper with the links which will also affect other innocent bloggers who use Google.

Driti should try requesting Google to take those blogs off, and there are provisions for this to be done but he has to justify through the court system.

Local and foreign investors will be very wary of doing business in Fiji if the military can just go in and pull the plug without taking a proper court order.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, if you go to either

you will be able to "burrow" through any "block" on the freedom blogs without any problems. We'll see, but you may need to copy these website addresses now in anticipation of any shutdown.

See y'all later!

Anonymous said...

Pooh to Anons 17.05 & 17.23! You sound 1 & the same and your reasoning stinks!

Anonymous said...

Stinky reasoning is a sure sign of military media cell ghost-posters!

Anonymous said...

Great post Anon 26:11. Witty,insightful and stimulating. The military has a lot to fear from you.

Anon 17:05

Anonymous said...

For Driti to get Google to release any information, he will need to get a subpoena from a court in the USA. He will have a hard time in arguing his case. So, like a child with tantrums he just wants to pull the plug.

Anonymous said...

Ooohh weeee!! Sa bau vaya for pitiful coward Driti to see the inside of a US courtroom... on 2nd thoughts, in handcuffs perhaps! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Driti appearing in a US courtroom..?? Hmmmm..perhaps in hand & ankle cuffs! LOL!

Driti pls lose the toupee, u're nothing to look at, you son of a gun!

Happy Blogging Bloggers! :)

Anonymous said...

I think Driti is a nice guy and that hes been used by his boss our King Bai. Isnt that sad?

And I think the contribution to most blogs are internal from the camp. What does that say if the military PR maintains they are intact?

the stuff you guys put out is great and almost to the core....