May 17, 2007

Blogging the military silly

FINTEL put out a statement today confirming they were working with the “Home Affairs Ministry”, in reality the military, to ‘study the most effective way’ of blocking certain blogs.

From FINTEL assist military to block anti military sites

“FINTEL Chief Executive Sakaraia Tuilakepa confirms that they are assisting the Ministry to examine the most effective way in addressing their concerns in relation to the blog sites.
Tuilakepa said they have advised the Ministry of alternative options that they could explore to address these concerns without compromising the national access to the entire internet network and without breaching the conditions of FINTEL's license as the international gateway service provider.
RFMF's Land Force Commander, Colonel Pita Driti revealed earlier that the military has identified about 20 people who are behind anti-military internet blog sites.
Colonel Driti said the blog sites are now becoming a concern and the people behind the publication of the materials will be questioned.
Army spokesperson, Major Neumi Leweni also revealed that the RFMF's IT personnel had talks with FINTEL to block the blog sites.”

Here’s something about the blog shenanigans on Fijilive. (No Fijilive, we haven’t gone anywhere!)

But look who’s back! RFC have popped up on the internet again under another name – Why Fiji’s Crying. They are here.

Now for the online security of those within
Fiji who are able to read us:

If you use Gmail log in through Googles secure server at to prevent somebody intercepting and reading the messages you send and receive.

Also to get around those FINTEL blocks you could download Torpark, a highly modified version of the Firefox browser including a built-in Tor router to disguise your IP address. You can keep it on your USB and run it on any computer you use. Once you close the program it erases all your surfing information. A bit slow but safe. Find it here.


Anonymous said...

so u think proxies and routers and ip spoofing ,or changing your mac adress is going to protect you well baby yes for only a short period but remeber baby this is the internet everything is logged understand that nothing gets erased even though you erase it ever heard of disk sectors and computer forein sics and magnetsim well i dont have time to explain but welll you better hope that you dont make any coomments whihc will detroy the peace of our nation why cant u tell the truth suppourt the militaryok all u bad mouthers out there u better hope that the military doesnt obtain your usbs or computer hard drives remeber they can retrieve the information even after u delete it so stop badmouthing accet it the military rulz all u journalists stop bein arsewholes and remeber firefox is the most easyest hackable broweser apart from ie

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

hey buddy, ever heard of a full stop?

its one of these. <--


Anonymous said...

Whatever,check your grammar.
Levu ga na doka2.
Moce computer expert

Anonymous said...

Well the blogs are definitely doing their work in upsetting the military IG. I'd much rather have the blogs than do what some have done and basically rolled over and given up. As long as this illegal IG is in place and as long as the military continues its illegal activities they can be sure I'll be everpresent on the blogs opposing them. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a letter to editor Fiji Times by an Ajay Singh of Nadawa commenting Ro Teimumu's commentson evidence of corruption, is his reasoning for real!? Actually looking at his letter and reasoning (or lack of it) I thought this guy might actually be Vore in disguise, was good for a laugh though, especially these lines.

"Not finding any evidence does not mean or prove the SDL party was honest."
"She should stop making comments to confuse people. These kinds of statements only go to show that there is evidence which we cannot find. "

Kania Tiko said...

looks like it works to me, whats this all about anyhoo?

Tim said...

No, not everything is logged. Some systems are designed to be incapable of logging.

Encryption can be broken with enough time and resources, but the Fiji military doesn't have the luxury of the time and resources

Yes, we've heard of magnetism. We've also heard of the programs that will "secure erase", by overwriting the disk with random 1's
and 0's multiple times. Even if you do so only 3 times, you need a clean room, highly trained forensic experts, and expensive and
sensitive equipment to recover the data. Given Fiji has had enough trouble finding forensic accountants, I doubt computer
forensics are something the RFMF has an overabundance of, either. Even a disk that has been partially overwritten with known data
by mistake just once costs thousands of dollars to recover. You can multiply the cost by 10 for every time the disk has been
deliberately overwritten with random data.

The memory in USB drives operates differently, but still becomes increasingly difficult to recover using the same technique.
Alternatively, they are cheap and fragile - one hit with a hammer will render a USB drive unrecoverable within any reasonable
timeframe or budget. If you don't happen to have a hammer handy, I'm sure sticking a USB drive into a door hinge and closing the
door will do almost as good a job.

For those of you using Torrify, please take a moment to read the terms and conditions if you haven't done so already. Torrify WILL
actively assist authorities track down people who abuse their system, and they consider threats of violence to be an abuse of
their system.

Of course, this should be the least reason for people to avoid threats of violence. Apart from proving you have no more respect
than an animal and lack moral discipline, it just makes you look like a stupid 10-year old. If you want to be thought of as a
fool, keep resorting to playground bully threats ;^)


Anonymous said...


Military calls off hunt for bloggers

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Update: 10.34am THE military has decided it would stop hunting for the anti-military bloggers and it would stop its attempts at shutting down blog spots.

Colonel Pita Driti said they are no longer bothered or concerned by the blogs and have decided to ignore it.

However, he did say that if bloggers were eventually found they would be taken to the camp to be questioned.

The military worked with FINTEL last week and was successful in shutting down the popular resistfrankscoup (RFC) spot, which resulted in several other new anti-military blog spots popping up inlcuding Why Fiji is Crying, the renamed RFC.

The action of the military has been condemned by international bloggers who have offered assistance to Fiji bloggers.

New Zealand bloggers have called on their government to condemn in the strongest possible manner the action of the military.