May 01, 2007

The Journey has just begun…

Pat yourself on the back if you stayed at home today because the reality is no one else will. Rest easy however in the solace that by doing what you did, we as a collective critical mass pushed the tempo with the Junta by their very reactions. That is people power folks.

Yes we knew that we wouldn’t change the state of our democracy in a day, but we will get there! The journey has just begun but already we have shown that we will continue to be a thorn in the side of this Junta and all of their elements even without a parliament or an opposition.

Here’s our take on the Fiji side of things today:


Media Statement

Suva, Fiji Islands, May 1, 2007.

The 1st of May Protest today rankled the Public Service Commission to a state of hysteria said Freedom bloggers Fijianblack, Discombobulated Bubu and Intelligentsiya.

This came to light after Fiji Village reported that the Permanent Secretary for the Public Service Commission, Taina Tagicakibau had warned all civil servants via a circular that “any unauthorized absence” would not be entertained.

By midday Fiji Village reported that the PSC Chairman Rishi Ram was assessing whether civil servants were absent from work today. Mr Ram was reported to have said that there was “no feedback as yet on the staff turnout at the various ministries and government departments”.

The Fiji Freedom Bloggers warns the Public Service Commission as the employer of the largest work-force in the country the rights of workers are still intact and that under the various domestic and international industrial relations instruments, surely workers are entitled to stay at home for a day under the various provisions provided for within these laws?

“It is absolutely appalling that the Public Service Commission chooses to threaten its core human resource capital in this manner and is a very clear sign that the military government is not adhering to commitment number 2 (under the Rule of Law clayse) made to the EU on 18 April” said Discombobulated Bubu.

‘That the military government is promising one thing in Brussels yet allows the directives of threats, is not a good thing. It reeks of dishonesty and ACP countries currently in Fiji are warned to note such displays of “leadership” ‘ said Fijianblack.

Commitment number 2 states: “That the Interim Government upholds the 1997 Constitution, and guarantees the normal and independent functioning of Constitutional institutions such as the Fiji Human Rights Commission, Public Service Commission, Constitutional Offices Commission. The substantial independence and functioning of the Great Council of Chiefs will be preserved.”

“Workers within the civil service should not be afraid of victimization as the Fiji Public Servants Association is the primary body that should be defending violations of labour laws of their members by the PSC” said Fijianblack.

“Despite whatever Mr Leweni chooses to grace our eardrums with the success of this protest depends on what side of the fence one sits on. We would call it a success because this protest was not so much about numbers but more so about empowerment. Even while our democracy is fragmented, we as a people can still force the change and get the power's that be to pay attention. Perhaps after today many will realise this power that we can and should control together no matter what laws, guns or restrictions are imposed on us and that we can get the changes we want. We want democracy and the rule of law back in a big way.

This is just the first step and as you know every journey begins with a first step” said Intelligentsiya.

FijianBlack had on 25 April called on all sons and daughters of Fiji, to stay home, as a sign of opposition to this regime on 1 May 2007.

"The coup culture is alive in Fiji, because we have not done anything about it" he said. "We need to be more pro-active in defending our democracy, our rights and the future of Fiji. If we don't, this is a forlorn legacy we are bequeathing to our children"




it06 said...

Thank you for taking the fight of the people of Fiji and taking the lead.

I understand that most of my civil service colleagues turned up to work for fear of the recriminations that the PSC has threatened to carry out on them.

We actually had a small mokusiga day today with my colleagues.

I'd like to state publicly that the civil service is filled with servants who are frustrated at being treated like slaves by this illegal administration. Particularly when we see opportunists like the bunch at PSC take advantage of the ignorance of the military just to get ahead in their civil posting! While the nation suffers!

There is a large number of civil servants who do not believe in this illegal administration calling themselves "government". We want our return to democracy so we can vote our own government in.

The funny thing is in our small group of anti-coup civil servants, we all voted for different political parties ! (no one voted for NAPF!)

The attention you received and continue to receive from the Military is proof that you are a threat to their rule. All voices of reason are labelled threats to their rule, so therefore you are alongside the Ratu Ovini led GCC in the same stand that you both represent a threat to their rule.

Keep up the GREAT WORK!

raho said...

Military has extended the decree till end of May.

This means that they've ignored their promise to the EU.

What national threat of security exists at the moment????

We can't keep living like this in Fiji where this bunch of morons keep using this as an excuse to get away with whatever they want to!

EU Please keep your money until we've all voted in our next government.

EnufDictatorship said...

For those of you who stayed home-God bless you!
For those of you who went to work but was unproductive-God bless you!
For those of you who support the junta-May God's Will only see to you!

No to the junta! No to coups! Yes to Fiji's democracy!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Keep up the good work! You and all other Freedom Bloggers are keeping our options alive! God Bless Fiji. And God Bless YOU!

Anonymous said...

thats what we call 'free publicity'..thanx for promoting the site Leweni & least more ppl now know of these blogsites....

Anonymous said...

Free at last, thank God we are free at last. My brothers and sisters, please stand fast and continue the good fight, we will triumph against these monsters. Jesus heed the mourns of anguish and deal with mine oppressors accordingly

mokusiga said...

The comedy here never ceases to amaze!

We have a public servant saying:
"We actually had a small mokusiga day today with my colleagues."

Isn't this always the case with a number of government departments, where people clock in and out whenever the hell they feel like it? For all intents and purposes, at least 20% of public servants have the same effect whether or not they stay at home!!