January 20, 2009

Bainimarama doublespeaks again

The Dominion Post on Stuff NZ reports that Frank Bainimarama will not be gracing the presence of other Forum Island leaders next week. Should this prove true, it will be the second time that Frank has spat on outstretched hands of cooperation and compromise in the spirit of The Pacific Way.

This meeting was scheduled for Fiji's benefit and graciously hosted by Frank's wantoks-when-convenient in Melanesia. By not turning up he would have wasted other pacific countries taxes, a feat that he is exemplary at in his stolen little corner of the world.

The communication of this decision is owed first and foremost to the people of Fiji. Not non-tax paying listeners of Radio Tarana.

The Rudd Government, while considering lifting the travel ban just this once in order for him to get was caught mid-way of this latest doublespeak episode.

Bainimarama's attempt to show leadership during this emergency is late as well as a farce. After all its not him out there in charge of the front-lines. What is worse is that it smacks off "we'll take your money but we won't give you the time of day" arrogance to Tonga, PNG, Samoa, Australia, New Zealand and even New Caledonia.

Our neighbours deserve better and it should be no surprise if the "neighborhood" decides to kick the neighbourhood pest out. They would be well within their mandate to do so, they don't need Fiji's permission and they certainly don't have to give Frank a third opportunity to kick them in the guts.

This latest stunt is no surprise. He never had any intention to 'fess up to his lies to other leaders. Frank Bainimarama is adept at scorning decorum and trampling on opponents and as always lacks the courage to face up to his actions.

The good news is that the world is becoming acutely aware of the big manic bully who is into his 3rd year of storming an otherwise peaceful and secure Pacific.

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Tim said...

He's merely living up to his reputation - that of a coward. He may not like that label, and nor will his lackies, but not only does he prove himself worthy of it in every move he makes, but the entire junta show themselves as being advocates of the double standard.
The Pacific Way seems to be only something Frank is entitled to define.
Neo-Colonialism is something that only applies to former colonies of West Europena nations - apparently its OK if imperial interests come from elsewhere.
Trouble is, the entire world sees what is happening in Zimbabwe. Indigenous Zimbabweans are not fooled, and neither are Fijians.
I long for the day the junta apologists (the Shameens, Yippe-I-Ayes, Bainimaramas, A-Choo's, Cow Noodle Narayans, and any number of others) become capable of some original thought instead of learned, parroted ideological spin. That'll be the day they realise they fucked up big time