January 27, 2009

Do Not Suspend Fiji

As once firm advocates of Fiji’s suspension, the latest drama of the soon-to-be expelled Fiji Times publisher got us thinking.

On the eve of the special PIF leaders meeting, Bainimarama has once again pulled another fantastic stunt not forgetting his arrogant communication to stand up leaders again, and the confusion he caused using Somare as the scapegoat on meeting dates. Let’s also remember that on the weekend he sacked the second official who was supposed to front up to leaders with the IIAG. Bainimarama being a military man is big on unwavering loyalty but obviously Rt Isoa is not privy to his grand machinations.

One thing about Bainimarama that has been clear from his coup involvement of 2000 is he never does anything untoward without a reason. The giveaway however was the military precisioned timing and flawlessness of the stars all conveniently aligning and aimed at this PIF meeting.

Bainimarama is therefore intentionally annoying the leaders and these tactics are aimed at getting them to react accordingly.

So leaders don’t be fooled. Here’s our theory. The bottom line is that Bainimarama wants Fiji to be suspended from the Forum. If you read his prepped statement for Niue (which he didn’t attend) he was almost cajoling leaders to that point and his reaction to suspensions have always been so flippant. Why?

Basically Bainimarama and his crew do not want to be openly criticized or questioned about his undemocratic vision for Fiji. That’s why he’s muzzling the media and he needs unfettered freedom to now “work” on the constitution which he knows will require some major footwork. He can easily stem any domestic opposition to that process, but if he is out of the Forum he no longer has to squirm, report, face up, basically be accountable to anyone. Least of all PIF leaders.

He is not accountable to the people of Fiji, has no intention of ever being so and craves the ability to be untouchable at both the regional and international level.

At this point in time leaders of the PIF are Fiji's stand-in Parliament and Opposition. There is no one else who can hold his feet to the fire. And that's why Frank wants out.

Here’s what leaders can do. They must keep Fiji in the ring and in the hot seat but make life as a the II Leader, an IIG member and supporter exceptionally hard. Don’t bother with an envoy either, it’s a waste of time and money and there’s a good chance the envoy will also be expelled if she/he talks to people that Frank doesn’t want them to talk to. Instead leaders must remain engaged in the Ministerial Contact Group process, with tougher smarter sanctions that do not affect us everyday people, and keep the pressure on.

The people of Fiji and the world are watching and waiting.

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FijiGirl said...

Intelligentsiya - You are definitely onto something. There's too many coincidences here and Vore isn't smart enough to cover his tracks.

Ask yourself "Who benefits" and you find Vore & Chodo's grand plan to destroy Fiji's spirit and build it up in their own mutual vision.

If the Forum vacated and sold their real estate assets in Fiji, Vore & Chodo's investors will be prepped to step in and acquire prime real estate.

Our flimsy hopes for the return to democracy depend on the Forum and the UN right now. If ever there was a time for public protest, now would be good.

God bless us all. God bless Fiji