January 29, 2009

FICAC continues Clean Up rampage

It is almost as if FICAC have been given an ultimatum—churn them out or you will become like Robin Nair the now former interlocutor of the political forum, Rt Isoa Gavidi the now former Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs, and Rt Isoa Tikoca the now former High Commissioner to PNG.

FICAC or the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption is the illegally formed body tasked with weeding out corruption. One of its early appointment members, Mr. Mah Weng Kwai who is also President of LAWASIA quit shortly after he was appointed.

So churn them out they have and FICAC are working their socks off to justify their FJD$3mill budget corruption claims as part of the IIG’s self-righteous Clean Up Campaign. Conceivably we could be seeing more judicial activism propping these cases up soon.

At the top of the list we see Bainimarama’s eternal vendetta continuing against Qarase.

Those who have been hauled up to the Magistrates Court by FICAC recently are:

  1. Ousted PM, Laisenia Qarase
  2. Former Fiji rugby 7s team manager, Usaia Daunivalu
  3. PWD Hydrologist, Faga Solomone
  4. Fiji Audio Visual Commission boss, Taniela Bolea
  5. Former Native Land Trust Board general manager, Kalivati Bakani
  6. Former FNPF heads, Olota Rokovunisei & Foana Nemani
There sure seems to be much scurrying and flurrying from the IIG. Something else more defiant and downright uncouth is definitely on the cards.

The hints from a pro-IIG blog which shall remain nameless, seems loud and clear:

We will ensure that this action by the PIF is not unanswered. As soon as the grassroots people are back on their feet and their children are back at school, a strong response will no doubt be issued to ensure that our voice is heard and our decisions taken in response will be felt throughout the Pacific.

It sure smells to us like there’s gonna be some sweeping out of regional bodies before we get kicked out.

Let’s just watch to see if and/or how these pieces fall into place.

1 comment:

ex Fiji tourist said...

40 odd yeas ago, the African - American people stood up as a body and marched on Washington.

Today, a mixed blood is President.

Change happened because someone in the USA organized a march and civil disobedience.

The same CAN happen in FIJI.

If the chiefs wish to keep their titles and honours, they need to motivate their people.

A march on Suva by hundreds of thousands led by the chiefs, and joined by all those of other nations, can not be ignored by the illegal, illegitimate, illogical idiots pretending to be 'leaders'.

Where are the chiefs?

Where are the leaders?

Are you all cowards sitting back waiting for others to challenge the moronic military?

There needs to be a march on president bernie next week to wake bernie from his slumber.

Is there a person in Fiji big enough to make this call?

If not, then I guess you have to face the consequences.

The situation in USA would be totally different today if someone didn't take the lead 40 years ago.