February 27, 2009


True to form Shaista Shameem has not disappointed.

The attempt at civility in this response does not hide the thinly veiled dagger jutted towards the media, where she has unleashed her faithful and clueless hack, the junta AG, to get cracking with a vengeance.

It was, after all, her brain child in the first place to clamp down on unfriendly media sorts.

The vitriolic acid however is splattered all over her Emperor's naked butt in this epistlic rant (you were spot on Tim). Even Samoan PM Tuilaepa takes a hit.

The other Shameem however will be worth watching now as all the posers appear to have received the memo that it was ok to come strutting out of the closet now. Unfortunately the closet is where illegally appointed Chief Justice prefers to remain with his wishy washy intentions of his role on the bench.

Nazhat Shameem will rule soon on the legality of FICAC on a motion put forward to the courts by Mahend Chaudhry’s son and heir, Rajend, who must have acquired a conscience that day. The real deal will surface soon though. Bet on it.

Meanwhile the junta AG is himself the target of investigations of the Fiji Law Society which also appears to be helter-skelter in their views of late. Please keep it together guys!

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