February 06, 2009

We’re Speechless…

...and stumped. Dumbfounded. Flummoxed. Flabbergasted. Staggered.

Is there an end to this nightmare?

Watch the latest tomfoolery on the link below to see your hard-earned taxes “at work” for you and your voting rights:


This is the story carried by TVNZ:

Doubts surround the future of New Zealander Felicity Heffernan who heads Fiji's electoral office.

A video skit, made by her staff for a local competition on democracy, has been posted on YouTube. It shows the elections' supervisor saying it will be a superhuman effort to conduct free and fair elections in Fiji.

Parliament may be silent but staff at Fiji's electoral office feature prominently in the video posted on the internet and criticising the way ahead for Fiji.

In the video, Heffernan says they are hellbent on creating international history by achieving the superhuman event of conducting free and credible elections in Fiji while under-financed, understaffed and under-resourced.

Just days after being condemned by the region for not holding elections, the elections' supervisor casts doubt over the nation's ability to do so.

Electoral office staff talk about the lack of support they are getting and how this is affecting their performance.

An electoral office spokesperson has told ONE News that three of its junior staff filmed the video and they should get the credit for it. But far from credit, Fiji's interim government is not expected to take this lightly.

Nobody from government was publicly talking but sources have told ONE News that Heffernan's days in Fiji may be numbered.

Like the elections itself, the future of some electoral office staff is in doubt.

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