August 14, 2009

"Do You Know Where Your Children Are?"....

...because parents in Fiji would be well-advised to keep their children the hell away from this shady Police project titled "Blue Light Camp" during the upcoming school hols.

If the police are deluded enough to think they can offer the future of this country some advice or motivation on how to be upstanding law-abiding citizens (with their sterling record to boot too) they really need more than a "Jesus Strategy".

The Fiji Police Force would be much better pouring the taxpayer funded resources for this camp towards CREDIBLE drug busts. Because it is highly unlikely that any parent would send their pride and joy to a gathering where the "'Qo Na Kei Atu" indoctrination will be prioritized.

What. A. Joke.

And. We're. Paying. For. This. Mediocrity?.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Imagine, you have been raped , beaten, mugged and you ring the police . How would you feel on on being told to Praise the Lord.

Too. Stupid. For Words.