August 18, 2009

Foster's Fairytale (Ye Gods!)

OK. So we thought we'd give Peter Foster the benefit of a doubt and read his side of the story.

Rather than take our word for it, we invite you to form your own views.

For the record the key para that totally gripped us (from falling on the floor) was this one:
I have seen the inside of 16 prisons in six countries, such is the life of an International Man of Mischief. It's not anything to be proud of, just an occupational hazard.

That would have to be the SMOOTHEST Con-line ever.

Read it in full here, and vibe to the copyrighted Bob Marley (who would surely turn in his grave if he realised that his inspiring songs of emancipation were being used to promote it) tune "One Love" while you get swept away by the fairytale.

Alternatively the PDF is available here.

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Anonymous said...

Bula Keep the faith,
We're trying to post a blog in your postings to indicate our disgust at Peter Foster having created his site called Fiji Truth as you have rightfully blogged about. We have also added in our blog ref.

We really would like you to add this comment as it is vital that readers know that Fiji Truth Commission Movement is not linked in any way with this Peter Foster.
Fiji Truth [Na Dina]
Admin Team