November 10, 2009

Bainimarama seeks favour of the indigenous populous

Wonders will never cease. Bainimarama today announces via his illegal Cabinet that they are ready to examine the Qoliqoli Legislation and claims that:
“The 1974 Qoliqoli Compensation Policy is outdated, and it also does not adequately address emerging issues namely the misinterpretation of the customary fishing rights; the absence of marine resource inventory to determine value of compensation; rights of compensation; restriction of compensation to foreshore development; lack of consultations between chiefs and members of the yavusa; processing of fishing licenses and foreshore applications; and environmental issues.”

The real cruncher lies in the next paragraph where he sidles with "Investors" (read: tourism operators) who have been "showing their frustrations in the delay in processing of applications for foreshore development and continual interference from Qoliqoli rights owners once formal approval had been obtained from relevant authorities.”

Riiight. Lest you have forgotten this is the same legislation that Bainimarama and his Merry Men were up in arms with Qarase about for the "racist nature" of this proposed legislation -- a phrase he only learned after teaming up Turtle Island owner, Richard Evanson.

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Anonymous said...

The nut thought that running a government was like rowing a boat. He is a BIG liar. Whatever he said before, is nothing but thin stinking air.