November 06, 2009

Encore the Back-flips

Well, well, well. Despite Nazhat Shameem's noble refusal to return to the High Court bench after the constitution was abrogated (and we all know how thick she and Injustice Gates continues to be), it was not surprising at all to learn that she remains tight with the military regime.

She now finds herself as a "trainer" helping the illegal DPP John Rabuku, the illegal Director for Women the Dentist Dr Tokasa Leweni (Leweni's wife) and for goodness sakes even the Soqosoqo Vakamarama to DISSECT Decree 9 on Domestic Violence. There is somewhat a bald hypocrisy in this facade.

Dave Aidney of Transparency International continues to bring shame on TI by whining about their inability to travel to Australia and New Zealand. Unless he is dyslexic the rules are quite clear -- support the regime, don't even think about requesting a visa to go to Australia or NZ. This is quite an odd sort of comment to be emanating from TI unless of course Aidney is confusing his TI role with his commercial interests. Furthermore it is a COMPLETE backflip to previous concerns about the deportation of media personnel.

And the cherry on top is that yesterday Rt Epeli Nailatikau was illegally appointed the first Tongan President of Fiji.

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Anonymous said...

And guess what else I heard? Mr. President was also there as chief guest for their 2nd day of training, he chose it as his first official engagement after being sworn in just yesterday. Plus-plus there was full support and attendance from American embassy officials. Man, that's got to be one helluva important training eh?