November 03, 2009

Fiji Must Have a Judiciary: Gates

Injustice Tony Gates makes more of fool of himself by publicly refusing to bow down to the diplomatic tit-for-tat against Australia and New Zealand and the visa saga. He must be really desperate to bring in some credibility to his bench.

Here is the key phrase a'la Gaytes:
"Fiji must have a judiciary. And it is not for Australia and New Zealand to tell us we cannot have one or to tell us who we are to appoint. No international convention allows such a supervisory role to a neighboring state.”
Yes Fiji must have a judiciary but it cannot be a judiciary that has time and again shown it's hand at judicial activism, and affinity for the military regime. It is also a judiciary that the people must find credible. At present it does not.

Australia and New Zealand have every right as democratic countries to point out our failings because we are not democratic and Bainimarama is hell-bent on destabilizing the Pacific region.

Injustice Gaytes must be getting rattled because his new illegal Sri Lankan converts must be feeling a tad bit jittery.

Post-script: Living and working under media censorship must be so dry that journo's decide to add colour and vigour to otherwise mundane news. For example did you ever imagine you'd see the words "Booty Call" as a headline?


Anonymous said...

I love Gaytes he makes me happy and Gay!

Anonymous said...

YesI agree, Tony - when are we going to get one?