November 14, 2009

Illegal President Stakes Claim to Vunivalu Title

Rt Epeli probably figured that if he's come this far through ill-gotten means, the sky is now the limit.

What remains curious is how Rt Jioji Cakobau, the directest of descendants who currently resides in Mokani, has been looked over.

There could be some truth to prevalent underground whispers that the 2006 coup grew roots in Bau and will inevitably (as those in the know say), end in Bau.

Fijian politics in all its underhandedness will unfold in this latest tussle. Already the rural coconut wires were abuzz after the news hit the airwaves via the vernacular news broadcast midday yesterday.

Fiji Village also posted the english update yesterday:
Decision on the title to be made next year
Publish date/time: 13/11/2009 [17:06]

The Native Lands Commission Tribunal is expected to decide on the vacant Vunivalu title soon.

The holder of the Vunivalu title will also be the Head of the Kubuna confederacy.

It has been confirmed that the Tribunal is expected to sit in January next year and will be chaired by Macuata chief, Ratu Peni Vukinavanua, Ratu Isikeli Tasere and Ratu Talemo Ratakele.

Ratu Vukinavanua confirms that the Tribunal's decision will be final.

Last week Vunivalu Herald, Ratu Veiwili Komaitai told Fijivillage that the family from Mataiwelagi and Naisogolaca are expected to sit and discuss the matter.

However Ratu Peni Vukinavanua has been informed by the NLC that it is the call of the Tribunal to decide on the chiefly title of the Vunivalu.

The current President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Adi Samanunu Talakuli and Ratu Epenisa Cakobau are the direct descendants of Ratu Seru Cakobau.


Anonymous said...

Article displays breath taking ignorance of Bau - its history & its workings. Check? The Roko Tui Bau is & always has been the head of Kubuna. As for a tribunal of outsiders deciding matters that do not concern them - thats laughable.

Anonymous said...

"The chiefs of Bau install the chief of the Yavusa clan to be their principle chief and he is the Roko Tui Bau; the high chief second in rank is the head of the Tui Kaba clan, his installation title is Vunivalu or Tui levuka".

Kim Gravelle - A History of Fiji.

Keep The Faith said...

Touche Anons 1 & 2!!

Question - Where therefore are the people of Bau and why are they not making this the issue that it is?

Yes it is an overeach of massive proportions for the NLC Tribunal to assume that they should decide OVER the parties involved, BUT mark our words, they will plod on unless challenged.

Watch this space.

Anonymous said...

I had thouhgt thet ratu Epeli will know where the line of stupidity ends. Well it seema that some people never learn.
Good luck to Ratu George.

Anonymous said...

@ KTF.

Rest assured he (they) will & are being challenged.

Anonymous said...

@ Keep The Faith.

Appreciate any help in getting this farce out in the open.

Doing all we can our traditional side but as you know this Tongan imposter is cunning & ambitious & well connected. We are all fully aware of the consequences when you saw a leg off the Tanoa?

Joeli said...

Tongan interloper Epeli Nailatikau should think very carefully before he tries to use the power of the regime that he's been in bed with to force his installation as Vunivalu.
Such an appointment could prove to be fatal blow to the office itself or to him,
The Great Council of Chiefs rejected him as a legitimate Vice President. By occupying the office he demeans himself and the office.
If he wants now to do the same to the office of Vunivalu he will be taking a great risk. He may think he's gambled already, but he's more than doubling the stakes by trying to steal the position of Vunivalu by force,

Anonymous said...

In Tonga they would be loving this, One of there sons as president of Fiji.

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon 17:48

I don't think Tongans will be that ecstatic about it actually. As indigenous people themselves they are only too aware of an attempt to be seen to "invade" the sovereignty of another country.

Let's not forget that the people of Tonga are themselves undergoing massive reforms where their royal family will no longer run the show, but rather leave it duly democratically elected individuals -- be they of noble or commoner descent.

Anonymous said...

The members of the Tui Kaba Clan should be left alone to decide who is to become the next Vunivalu. There is no registered dispute over the Vunivalu Title so the NLC Tribunal does not have any jurisdiction on the matter. Request that correct and proper details are communicated through this forum. Thank you!

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon 02:22 -- For the record we are not making the assertion that there IS a registered dispute neither are we validating the NLC's so-called jurisdiction.

Please check the article source -- it is a news report from Fiji Village:

Anonymous said...

Ylei looking at the members of the tribunal. This ratakele. who is he!!! opportunist. hahahaha