November 05, 2009

Reciprocation Begins

If Bainimarama thought his latest stunt would go unrequited from Australia and New Zealand, he was wrong. Dead wrong. Perhaps that's why he thinks that his offer of "welcomed dialogue" after this insult will be taken up. Perhaps it is also why he is playing the wait-n-see game, to assess the extent of the knuckle-rapping he know's he's in for.

Australia however continues to keep trade sanctions off the table as one of their retaliatory mechanisms but calls to drop Fiji's forces from the UN are now escalated.

New Zealand in reaction to the latest events have upgraded their travel advisory while Australia has not. Patrick Wong must undoubtedly be having palpitations.

Sadly, one of our staunchest and most unflinching pro-democracy stalwarts, Dr Brij Lal -- a native of this beloved country -- was also sent packing by the military goons. But we are confident he will remain undeterred.

Injustice Gates has now become the target of international media cross-hairs for instigating this sorry mess, most probably, at the behest of the illegal Attorney General, Aiyaz Saiyed Khaiyum.

Last but in no means the least, the US of A pitches in their reaction to the saga. They are deplored by the unjust moves of Bainimarama.

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Anonymous said...

Would appear that NZ Travel Advisory is still at level 2, but with a number of cautions and caveats thrown in on top.

If it ever reaches level 3, then NZ insurers must automatically stop covering travel insurance to Fiji. AUTOMATICALLY!!

Frank is right on that cusp, but is still behaving like a bull-in-a-china-shop.