December 04, 2009

No YOU Are Wrong Sir Paul

This chap and his recent views disappoint and concern us greatly. So much so, we can hardly believe that he was one of the key architects of our Constitution.

No Sir Paul, YOU are wrong. And bloody damned well wrong too.

The foreign policies of Australia, New Zealand, USA, EU, Japan, the PIF and the Commonwealth and all the bigwig countries in relation to Fiji ARE working and that is why Fiji's military junta continues to be isolated. They detest it. Any treasonous usurper would feel the same because the validation of their rule comes under serious scrutiny especially when they have all forms of dissent clamped down domestically.

Reeves' notion that the travel sanctions are not hurting Bainimarama's inner circle of military supporters is also totally false. It annoys the hell out of them that they cannot enjoy their ill-gotten means abroad in Australia, NZ and the USA -- its Psychology 101!! This nouveau illegal "elite" need to feel bigger, better and more powerful than the common people (because the strutting on the streets with their AK47's phase is over) and what better way to do that then to splurge and be seen to splurging abroad.

And to add insult to the injury Sir Paul suggests that Fiji needs incentives to return to democracy. This is downright ridiculous. There will never be enough money to entice the Treasonous Terrorist that is Frank Bainimarama, to return Fiji to it's people.

Why it was only3 months ago when Sir Paul himself expressed his disappointment at the treatment Bainimarama dished out to him and for him to now suggests that NZ should pander to his whims should be seriously questioned.

Now if Australia and New Zealand really want to step up SMART sanctions they should consider opening up the seasonal worker schemes to non-junta-related Fijians.

Sir Paul's media statement below:
Reeves Urges Re-Think Of NZ Foreign Policy On Fiji
Friday, 4 December 2009 - 8:20am

Wellington, Dec 3 NZPA - Former Governor General Sir Paul Reeves -- who helped rewrite Fiji's constitution -- has called for a re-think on New Zealand's foreign policy over Fiji, including the controversial sanctions.

Sir Paul told a Pacific policy conference in Auckland that Fiji needed incentives, rather than punishment, to move to democracy, Radio NZ International reported.

The sanctions against Fiji were not working and did not affect the military, he told the conference at Auckland University,

Foreign policy needed to offer a range of incentives and encourage the military government to "engage".

Coup leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama had stated he wanted democracy, so he must be asked what help he needed.

Dr Rod Alley of the Centre for Strategic Studies separately said there was no point in the Government trying to speak directly to Cdre Bainimarama.

Dr Alley said Sir Paul Reeves' meeting with Cdre Bainimarama showed any discussions with him were unlikely to result in a start to dialogue within Fiji, and a more subtle approach was needed.

"The man's conduct lately has been pretty obdurate and these options of somehow getting a line to Bainimarama are going to take patience."


Anonymous said...

Uh oh...looks like Alzheimers setting in... Quick someone, check on his nurse if his daily dosages are still being administered.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. This guy Reeves needs to retire, look at the state of him.

discombobulated said...

Yes very disappointed in Reeves - he of all people should know better - but then again we should have expected it as he has only been speaking to certain of our "kai-viti-vulagi" who have convinced him they also know whats best for us.

wame waqa said...

I think he is getting senile, aand his brain is wrinkled up. Can't think strait

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day this gay should retire, What he is doing makes him feel like he is somebody when in reality he is no longer anybody of importance.
His only job is to collect pay checks and he needs to be told.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Reeves is now talking sense. We who live in Fiji in the main support the aims of the current administration even if we do not always agree with the way they do things.

Anonymous said...

@discomb...6 December 2009 15:58
Sir Paul sounds like he is rubber-stamping what he did during Rabuka era & thinks it will again work.

Agree with u ref, quote, "he has only been speaking to certain of our "kai-viti-vulagi...." unquote.

C'mon Commonwealth Heads, time to send in the warship!! Enough of the soft sell approach.

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