January 22, 2010

Bainimarama's Brigadier Bulldog Bark's Warningly

Having seen this illegal lot of treasonous terrorists in action for a while, we can safely say that we've gotten to know their modus operandi.

So when Bainimarama's Brigadier Bulldog Pita Driti is unleashed to bark out his warnings, you know something's up.

At the beginning of the year, Driti is hell-bent on assuring someone/s on Fiji's stability. To the extent that he is brimming with positivity that everything is going according to plan, and they are apparently supported by a fictitious majority of the populace:
“It is clear that everything is now up to our expectations. As a member of the Military council and Interim government I know that majority of our citizens do agree with that – and there are only a few people who could term as adversaries - but I would discourage them from doing anything and I would like to tell them to keep low and try to cooperate with us in trying to maintain peace otherwise they will be in for something really hard in terms of how we will treat them this year.”
Fast-forward two weeks later and Brigadier Bulldog is now baring his teeth in addition to growling like the dog that he is:
“Be careful and keep still, if you are one of them this warning is for you,” he said.

“Let’s work together and move the country forward for the people of Fiji.”

He said the Government would not tolerate any activity that would cause instability in the country.

He said the Government was working hard to take the country forward and the people, especially church leaders, should hold hands with the leaders for a better Fiji.

He said under the emergency regulation Fiji’s military and security forces retained absolute control.
Now the majority of the populace coming out of Christmas and New Years celebrations would be right to scratch their heads in confusion and wonder what the hell brought this on.

But for those who know these idiots as being chiefs of subliminal warnings, the message and the guard-dog bearer of the message is addressing someone/s that obviously makes them all jittery.

Rabuka's cessation of pension is perhaps just a warning shot related to all that.


Anonymous said...

More like a Chihuahua, let him go to NZ easier to beat the shit out of him.

Samu said...

Email from Ben Padarath, the convict...

----Original Message-----
From: Ben Padarath [mailto:bpadarath@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tue 19/01/2010 13:09
To: Director
Subject: Fw: FIT Trouble Makers


Bula Uncle Pita!

As per our earlier conversation, please find below the names of the SDL supporters who are now causing trouble for the FIT Director Dr Ganesh Chand, now especially since FIT, Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji Teachers College, Fiji School of Nursing Fiji College of Advanced Education & Lautoka Teachers College have all been amalgamated. The names of these people are:
Eramasi Tamanisau
Sitiveni Cawanikama
Samuela Rokocakau
Apisai Dovitama
Peter Waqawai
William Mar
Paula Tui
Dr Ganesh Chand's mobile number is: 995 5709 and his email address is director@fit.ac.fj

Please let me know if you require any thing else.

Kind regards,